Pakistan yet again in the ‘Grey List’ of FATF

As a Bosnian proverb aptly says “Don’t be misled by the tears of a beggar” the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) proves it this time as it has yet again decided to put Pakistan under the grey list. This step has been taken looking into Pakistan’s tone towards terrorism by the Global Anti Money laundering and Terror Financial Body.

In the pack of 27 demands put afore Pakistan, it has yet again failed miserably in pulling off even one. Among the pack, 3 were the most demanding.

 According to the reports, the miserable state got into deep water this time on unfollowing an important demand of FATF. The Imran Khan ruled government failed to scrutinize the terrorists who were recognized as the chief of terrorist organizations in Pakistan by the United Nations.

 FATF seeing light at the end of the tunnel with Pakistan on the other end estimated that the state would soon fulfil the demands relating to counter-terrorism. The state in its words was observed to have scrutinized Jaish-e-Mohammad, Lashkar-e-Taiba, JUD, Al-Qaida, and Islamic State terrorists but had botched to present testimonials. It asserted that it had not investigated the terrorist Hafiz Saeed of Jamaat-ul-Dawah. To be noted the terror state had been even proved worthless to present testimonials of the scrutiny against Masood Azhar, the chief of militant organization Jaish-e-Mohammad as well as the ministers of the Haqqani group.

 As per the sources, FATF is now to carry the legwork and scrutinize the actual situation of the state and government to probe the investigation done by the government against terrorist organizations. FATF will also observe and check the documents of money laundering and terror financing and the reports of the same to be sent to Paris. The organization will have an eagle eye on the government efforts to restrict terrorism and its efficacy in the past years.

 Whereas on the other hand, the terror state denies the charges as the Pakistan Foreign Minister Mahmood Qureshi on Thursday in a press meet went on saying that the demands of FATF have been fulfilled by the state and investigations on the terrorists have been done way before and the reason Pakistan should not be put under grey list again. The minister claimed that 26 among the pack of 27 demands have been fulfilled on a complete note. He further said that they have accomplished the technicalities of investigation on money laundering and terror financing.

 In the press meet on Thursday, Qureshi alleged India to have been using the international plinth against Pakistan and misguiding the world impulsively. The statement was earlier said in February prior to the FATF meet and the outcome of the same derived to be putting Pakistan in the “Grey list”.

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