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Palestine must work toward peace with Israel or become an insignificant piece of the Arab world


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In a conflict there is no right or wrong, there are only consequences.

The consequence of the Israel-Palestine conflict is a race of people belonging to one motherland but divided by their religious faiths – Jewish and Islamic.

For years, Israel and Palestine have been fighting over a ‘piece’ of land instead of working toward ‘peace’.

There are no victors in a conflict only profiteers who want a conflict to persist. In a conflict, people are taught to bury their inherent human nature and hate another because the cause of the conflict demands so.

Palestine hates Israelis. Israeli too have no love for the Palestinians. This is what we have been told by social influencers and media. That hate is the consequence of decades of propaganda aimed at creating instability in the region and divides between the Israelis and Palestinians.

The people of Palestine believe that the Arab nations will continue to extend unconditional support to their cause and that the terrorist group ‘Hamas’ will be their guardian angels.

However, the belief of the people of Palestine is misplaced because Arab nations like Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain want peace in the Middle East region in order to achieve socio-economic growth better than Europe and the Americas. The dependence of the Palestinians on Hamas who in turn is dependent on different radical Islamic lobbies for their survival such as Iran and Turkey is also detrimental because Palestinians have not seen a plateau in socio-economic growth but a decline while the representatives of the Hamas have seen a northward climb in their personal wealth.

Arab nations and Israel through the ‘Abraham Accords’ has set the foundation for resolving the conflict and working toward peace in the region. There is a beautiful paragraph in the Abraham Accords that states:

“Recognising that the Arab and Jewish people are a descendant of a common ancestor Abraham, and inspired, in that spirit, to foster in the Middle East a reality in which Muslims, Jews, Christians and peoples of all faiths, denominations, beliefs, and nationalities live in, and are committed to, a spirit of coexistence, mutual understanding and mutual respect.”

The Abraham Accords also prophetically focus on reaffirming their shared belief that the establishment of peace and full normalization between the Arab nations and Israel can help transform the Middle East by spurring economic growth, enhancing technological innovation, and forging closer people-to-people relations. This comes with a committed determination from the nations to the Abraham Accords that they will work toward lasting peace, stability, and prosperity to develop and enhance their dynamic and innovative economies.

The crown prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed Bin Salman Al Saud is a liberal in his thoughts and actions. It is his inherent belief that his nation Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has the economic resources and potential to be the Europe of the World in the very near future and he aims to make most of the Middle East into a land of socioeconomic opulence and prosperity. He wants to make ‘Saudi Arabia Vision 2030’ a reality.

The cause of the people of Palestine does not fit into his agenda for Saudi Arabia and his vision of the Middle East. He wants peace in the region because with peace will come economic growth and stability. He needs Israel more than Palestine in his futuristic game plan. In the near future, the cause of the people of Palestine will be ignored just like a bad rash on the body that needs to be treated but not fretted over.

It will be the Arab nations like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates that will decimate terror organizations like Hezbollah and Hamas with the help of the US, Israel, and India. In the months ahead Saudi Arabia’s crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman will ensure that he will tame even Iran, Turkey, and Qatar. Terrorism in the Arab world will be dealt with firmly and mercilessly in the months ahead. Lending strong support to the vision of Mohammad Bin Salman ‘Making Middle East New Europe’ will be the nations of UAE, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar.

Saudi Arabia’s efforts are to transform its oil-dependent economy, build more infrastructure, and fight terror. “All our projects are going ahead, reform is going ahead, our war on extremism is going ahead, our war on terrorism is going ahead, our efforts won’t stop no matter how they try to constrain us,” Mohammad Bin Salman had expressed some months ago at the Future Investment Initiative forum in Riyadh.

Interestingly, Arab nations will throttle extremism and radicalism, while Europe will slowly descend into chaos due to Islamic radicalism and extremism which was financed by Islamic radicals from Arab nations such as Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Iran, and Turkey.

Terrorism in the Middle East will be dealt a death blow in the months ahead. Terror organizations like Hamas, Hezbollah, and ISIS and their leaders will be made irrelevant by the Arab nations themselves. The first stranglehold will be on the finances. With no financial largesse coming from certain people with Islamic radical intent from the Middle East region, terror organizations, and their supporters will have no financial encouragement to pursue their Islamic radicalization plans.

The Palestinian cause will be buried under the Middle-Eastern sand dunes. Their cause to the overall socio-economic progress of the Arab world will be a thorn that would need to be removed and thrown away. The people of Palestine will have no choice in the years ahead to work toward peace with Israel or face the wrath of the Arab nations. Israel is more important than Palestine. Today, Palestine along with the Hamas, backed by Iran have nothing to offer on socio-economic indexes. In a few years, Saudi Arabia and Iran will also make peace and work together. Then Palestine will be alone and completely isolated.

The people of Palestine need to take their heads out of the sand that they have buried themselves into and see the paradigm shifts happening in the Middle East region. They must realize that Hamas will spell ‘Khallas’ for their future and that of their children in the long run. They must also open their eyes to the truth that ‘Hamas’ has grown in its wealth, especially Hamas leaders but the Palestine people continue to struggle for survival. So many talented youths leave Palestine to go work abroad because they do not want to be a part of these silly war games or be puppets of Hamas. Those living in Palestine with a logical bent of mind unadulterated by Islamic radicalism also want to work toward peace but are afraid to voice their thoughts openly because of the fear of violence.

Israel understands the Palestinian weak spot in the changing paradigm of the Middle East. The West and the New Europe in the Middle East need the support of a progressive Israel rather than a regressive Palestine controlled by Islamic radicals. There was a time when the Palestinian cause made political sense to the Arab nations and the most powerful countries in the world. Yasser Arafat got a Noble Peace Award for his role in the Palestine peace process but never wanted peace with Israel, otherwise he and his organization would be irrelevant. Then people in power within the Arab region wanted conflict, now they want peace. Terrorism is not good for progress and at the root of terrorism in the world today globally is Islamic radicalism.

The sad truth about Islamic radicalism is that it destroys Muslim lives too. Look at Arab nations like Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Palestine. Nations that funded Islamic radicalization globally did not face the wrath of Islamic radicalization but other Arab nations were ruined.

Israel and Palestine must work toward peace. More so for Palestine and its people. The future is not bright if they prefer to walk the path of conflict and not work to resolve the conflict with Israel. Much like Pakistan and India. Pakistan is a failed state and India is an emerging global power. Israel is making peace with Arab nations while Palestine is losing its grip piece by piece with Arab nations.

Palestine must work toward peace with Israel or become an insignificant piece of the Arab world. The children of Palestine want to live with hope and not fear. It must rise above the empty promises of terrorism and see the promise of united living with the people of Israel after all both belong to the same motherland.

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