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Providing free education to children, bringing a change in the society: Dulari Devi Foundation


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There have been several individuals, groups, families, NGOs that have come forward during COVID crisis and have helped a lot of people in their capacities, it was not easy for people to risk their lives and go out there to support people in need. One such NGO we know of is Dulari Devi Foundation.

Dulari Devi has come forward during the pandemic to help people specially children for their education. The most hard-hit sector for the youth, education sector. I have personally gone to Dulari Devi foundation and have seen the brilliant support system for the children. Providing with computers, Tablets for the children to be able to be a part of the online education, further taking several other initiatives. Dulari Devi took a step further and started to donate food, grains and ration along with other basic needs that people were not able to attain. When it comes to NGOs, people often tend to get confused about their authenticity, Dulari Devi foundation believes in receiving resources mostly, if anyone wishes to can donate money as well however providing with stationary or food or anything can help someone is prioritized. We often wonder where to turn around if we want to donate something or help someone who needs it, Dulari Devi is one of the most effective NGO’s that has actually been teaching, feeding and providing for several of children and has been changing the society for good.


Parwaah: A medical and health initiative

Incubating new initiatives and facilitative measures based on medical and health, goal being, to increase the accessibility of quality healthcare by increasing the community’s knowledge of common diseases and decreasing the incidences of preventable illnesses to promote a multidisciplinary health care service and sustainable solution for health care.

Apna Haq: A legal initiative to assist underprivileged women against their exploitation

Aiming to empower the street children and the women to adopt a voluntary approach proving a clear understanding of woman’s and human rights activities. Dulari Devi promotes activities like education, counselling, recreational accomplishments etc. Furthermore, we also work on the legal empowerment of the vulnerable, women, children, marginalized, people with disabilities, Dulari Devi helps by spreading legal awareness workshops, required legal assistance, advocacy, capacity and building policy.

Sakhi, an open forum for women to share and care

Sakhi is a self-explanatory word, signifying comfort and coziness, motive behind terming the initiative as Sakhi is to provide free less and open talks regarding anything that comes under their concern to know more.

 Hindustan Ki Avaz: an initiative to raise voice of youth

Aiming to give voice to youth of India by being most influential and passionate & ardent in nature, young generation contributes to the Hindustan ki awaj- this section of society owes a tremendous power to transform the society to lead a more powerful and a stable future.

Bachpan: an initiative and open forum for children

Helping children to tap out their full potential so they realize their dreams and follow them. Dulari Devi believes in each child and understands that every child is unique and if gets the right kind of opportunity can reach the skies.

Mahila Sashaktikaran Kendra: Empowering women to live a dignified life

The most important and pertinent thing is to empower women and to give them a better livelihood along with a strong mental health, physical strength to bring out the best in them. Dulari Devi aims to create a non-violent, gender free society through social research.


Shiksha Ek Ujjwal Bhavishy: Strengthening tomorrows foundation though quality education

Providing free education to children, bringing a change in the society: Dulari Devi Foundation -
Founder of Dulari Devi, Preeti Pandey is a social activist

An education initiative by Dulari Devi foundation-associated with Gyansathali academy- a school in chota Mirzapur Rasulaganj Uttar Pradesh based on CBSE board pattern.

A quality education nourishes the child and widens their approach, Dulari Devi aims to provide quality education by improving teaching and learning.

The idea behind getting associated with gyansthali academy is to deliver right to education on a minimal fee for children who belong to marginalized background and underprivileged section, Education has to be everyone’s right and not a business.

Founder of Dulari Devi, Preeti Pandey is a social activist. She has always wanted to uplift the society, even from her college days she contributed toward women welfare and felt the need of extending a helping hand toward the street kids along with women who are mistreated.

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