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Purnia is burning, who is responsible?


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On 19th May in Bihar’s Purnia, a raging Muslim mob of 300, charged towards the Mahadalit community setting their houses on fire. Where a man was lynched to death, several injured, women beaten along with children and senior citizens.

A spat over the land where the Hindu Dalits were threatened over and over to vacate the land which was owned by the Bihar government, PWD department. This was not the first time that the Hindus were threatened. The incident happened in a place called Niyamatpur village, Purnia Bihar which is a Muslim-dominated area. Over months Muslims there have been demanding for the Hindu Dalits to leave the land claiming that it belongs to them. The land dispute matter is currently in court. The mob came with weapons and surrounded the village, set fire to 13 houses.

A Dalit resident Newalal Rai 70 years old was lynched to death by the fanatic Muslim mob. Laxmi Das who is pregnant was brutally assaulted with sharp objects. Women, children, and the elderly were dragged out of their houses, women were molested and jewelry was stolen.

Purnia is burning, who is responsible? -
Source: OpIndia

According to reports from OpIndia, a 3year old boy Diwana Rai disappeared during the mob lynching and attacks and his father Pratap Rai has said there is still no news about the child.

So far three FIR’s have been registered at the Baisi police station dated 20th May. Police deployment has been increased in the area and only 2 people have been arrested (Sakir Alam and Asad Alam) till now, with raids being conducted. Where is the Mainstream Media in all this? It is shameful that our media doesn’t raise these issues where Hindus living in their own country are being killed and being forced to vacate the land because a group of fanatic Muslims want them to leave. If it would have been a case of Muslims being lynched by Hindus the whole world of so-called seculars along with some international media would have probably reached the courts against Hindus and the government. Unfortunately, there was no wide coverage for this violence. Reports also suggest that the police were scared to enter that area because of the Muslim dominance there.

Bihar LJP executive chairman, Raju Tiwari has stated that AIMIM led by Asaduddin Owaisi’s party is involved in the violence that took place in Purnia. He also said that local MLA’s from Owaisi’s party were present there during the incident demanding strict action against the culprits. ‘’I will go there by myself and meet the aggrieved families. The LJP stands firmly with the Dalits and we will fight with full force to bring them justice’’ said Raju Tiwari.

A team of BJP leaders led by the Chief of Bihar legislative council Dilip Kumar visited Purnia, the site where dozens of houses were burnt down. BJP leaders spoke to affected families. The families demanded security, BJP assured them all assistance. BJP has also demanded a speedy trial and will also be provided with financial assistance from the state. BJP’s state president and Bettiah MP Dr. Jaiswal, MLA Krishna Kumar Rishi were all part of the team. Purnia administration announced monetary compensation for the victims under the SC/ST Act.

Members of Vishwa Hindu Parishad immediately reached Purnia and took stock of the situation and strongly condemned this kind of violent outbreaks against Hindus repeatedly.

Testimony from people on the ground: (credits swarajya)

BJP really needs to take this matter seriously as there has been an increase in the killings of Hindus by Islamic groups be it in Bihar or Bengal. The Muslim groups attacked Hindu Dalits on 24th April where they forcefully entered a Dalit woman’s house, tore her clothes off, molested her, and then attempted to set her house on fire, the FIR said. After this incident, the group of Muslims filed a counter FIR in a fake case of molestation.

Tejashwi Yadav, leader of Rashtriya Janata Dal (RJD) on Sunday, asked the Bihar government to take immediate action against those who are guilty of this incident in Purnia and compensation should be awarded to the victims.

Source: google

The National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR) has issued a notice to the SP of Purnia demanding quick action against the child Diwana Rai who was kidnapped during the riots took place.




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