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Rahul Gandhi: India served you ’17 Andas’


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The drubbing at the Lok Sabha 2019 General Elections is an eye-opener for the Congress but it is also a tight mental and emotional slap on the face of one man – Rahul Gandhi – an incompetent and devious dynast of politics who took election politics to an abysmal pit.

His strategy was one of negativity.

His intent was one of division on the basis of caste, creed and socio-economic status.

He saw the New India as a dangerous place for us Indians to live in because it was an India over which he, his mother or his stooges had no control.

Time and again on debates on national television channels, I would see and sometimes personally experience some intelligent people from the Congress party and supporters, shamelessly defend the childlike statements and acts of this politician as though they were paid slaves.

Let me be brutally honest Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi and her daughter Priyanka Vadra have taken advantage of being of the Nehru’s lineage for too long.

The fact that someone is from the Nehru’s lineage does not in anyway guarantee them a right to run our nation.

The nation and its people are not the properties of the Nehru heirs but of us Indians.

I am not even going to get into the immense corruption and greed of Rahul Gandhi and his family to retain seat of power. Now those are issues for the governmental authorities to investigate and punish them for their blatant acts of corruption and misuse of power.

Rahul preaches the politics of love.

I am curious about this funny thing called ‘love’ that he pontificates about.

His father was brutally murdered by LTTE suicide bombers. LTTE was known to have a strong connection with DMK from Tamil Nadu and was alleged to have had a role in the death of Rajiv Gandhi and many more innocent Indians.

Yet in the interest of their personal politics of that time, both Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi decide to go soft on LTTE and forged an alliance with DMK in UPA.

After this alliance the DMK family gained even more notoriety which we have seen from the numerous scams linked to DMK patriarch and his family members.

Most importantly the Rajiv Gandhi killers have been forgiven by Sonia Gandhi and family; and on the investigations, only God knows when the people of India will know the truth, even though some international agencies already know the truth.

So much is the ‘love’ politics of Rahul Gandhi is that he was on the payroll of the KGB.

In 1992 a book titled ‘The State Within The State – KGB and Russia’ authored by Dr Yevgenia Albats – a journalist who served as a Member of the Commission to inquire into KGB activities set up in 1991 by President Boris Yeltsin quotes KGB Chief’s letter about Sonia Gandhi, her son Rahul Gandhi and the Maino family being on the payroll of the USSR secret service agency

So much is the ‘love’ politics that Rahul Gandhi harps on, is clearly and distinctly exposed in his speeches abroad on India. He literally disrobes our #BharatMata abroad, only to shame us in his hatred for Narendra Modi’

Out all the states in India, the people of India gave Rahul Gandhi ’17 Andas’ and also only 52 seats – a performance which will not give him majority to be a leader of the Opposition.

It is not only wonderful but befitting that the people of India gave a tight slap to his brand of politics and his idea of India.

His India of India is one of aristocracy and subservient workers, who needs the largesse of the political leaders to get even a basic sustenance handout for they existence in our nation.

Did Rahul Gandhi think ‘Young India’ needs ‘Bheek’ through his ‘Nyay’ scheme?

Instead of inspiring the people of India to learn to fish; giving them the right learnings and equipment to fish; this aristocratic unintelligent disgrace of a politician continues to peddle his ‘aristocratic’ rubbish – ‘I am the ruler and I will feed you’

Does he think we Indians are still slaves?

Rahul Gandhi and his mother, sister and stooges are not attacking Narendra Modi because of his policies or even because of his Hindu beliefs or his RSS learnings. They are attacking him because he was not from the aristocratic class of India and because he was not a part of the slave mentality of the Congress leaders and some in the BJP that quietly support the Nehru parivar.

Rahul Gandhi attacked him because they never expected him to rise up from a ‘chaiwala’ position to become a ‘Prime Minister of India’ – a position reserved for the aristocratic class that supported this cabal of politician for the last so many years.

Rahul Gandhi attacked him because he knew Narendra Modi was a grassroots worker with an unwavering passion for India, sharp political acumen and a ruthlessness of a warrior to execute his vision of India.

But most all Rahul Gandhi and team knew from his performance in Gujarat that if this man comes at the Centre, he will embark on his mission and enforce his vision with precision and people will accept him because he is one of them, a common man not an aristocrat.

So much is Rahul Gandhi’s hatred for Modi that he based his entire campaign on Modi and not what good can he bring to the people of India.

So much is Rahul Gandhi’s hatred for Modi because he was not an aristocrat that he demeaned the Chaiwala, Chowkidar and even ‘Pakoda Seller’ – the common people that the Congress claims to spend their energies and policies on.

There is a new India rising Rahul Gandhi and it is an India where a ‘chaiwala’ can become a Prime Minister for a second term with a thumping mandate and inspire a nation towards socio-economic progress, something you will never understand because you have not known struggle and hard work of a common man.

May 23rd showed the world that India is truly a nation for all Indians who aspire to work for #BharatMata – your caste, creed and socio-economic matters are no longer factors of deterrents or special preferences.

You cannot resurrect Congress because you do not have an attitude or aptitude to serve and you will never have it.

India has shown you, your place.

Your drama of resignation was expected and everyone in India will tell you the next actions that will be taken by your mother, your Congress Working Committee and every other irrelevant person you have in your team of the Congress

The cream on the cake of May 23rd was that you got beaten to a pulp (metaphorically speaking) by a lady – Smriti Irani – you and your family chose to look down upon because she was not from your cabal.

’Smriti Who?’

This firebrand women and many Indians will create a situation in India in the coming years of ‘Rahul Who’? ‘Priyanka Who’?

This you knew was an eventuality because you ran to Wayanad – a safe seat; after all you need the perks of being a Member of Parliament, you have lived on it for so long.

Please Rahul, enjoy your ’17 Andas’ and please learn that the people are not interested in your ‘Fundas’ and if you push them hard with your negativity you will get the metaphorical ‘Dandas’ like the results Congress and UPA saw on May 23rd.

Jai Hind. #BharatMataKiJai

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