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Rajiv Gandhi was not the only one who died in the bomb-blast on May 21 1991!


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It is intrinsic to human nature that we remember a celebrity but forget common people. 

On 21st May 1991, cowards in LTTE supported by people in India with vested interests in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka politics, decided to assassinate former Prime Minister of India Rajiv Gandhi.

The plot to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi succeeded. The bomb blast killed Rajiv Gandhi. But it also killed 14 innocent people who had come to see him at an election rally. The blasts injured 43 people.

Nobody deserved to die in such a horrible manner. It was not only Rajiv Gandhi but also 14-other Indians who died in the bomb-blast. The death was inhumane.

Some know the truth behind the plot to assassinate Rajiv Gandhi. The truth is buried. It is a truth that could throw open a can of worms, if it comes out.

I cannot get myself to accept that Sonia Gandhi or her children never pursued the case till the end to find the truth and get justice. This was Sonia’s husband and father to her children. 

I am shocked that neither Rahul or Priyanka want to get down to knowing the truth behind their father’s assassination. 

More importantly it not only about Rajiv Gandhi. It is also about the 14 who died and 43 who were injured in the bomb blast. These victims only need justice, not just Rajiv Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi might forgive her husband’s killer for reasons best known to her but she has no right to decide the fate of the killers because it was not only Rajiv Gandhi who died. The families of the others dead also need justice. 

I do not know the reasons behind the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi. There are many conspiracy theories. There are many reasons why political leaders are assassinated.

At most times there are assassinated because they are a threat to the larger geo-political game or sometimes sins of their past catches up. 

It is unfortunate that Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated. I cannot comment on his character. I know he got into the position of the Prime Minister not because he had the attitude or aptitude to it but because he was Indira Gandhi’s son.

The problem with the Congress has always been about ensuring that the Nehru-family holds the top position in India and in the Congress party. And it does not matter whether they have the skill-set to run the nation.

But it even more unfortunate that 14 people lost their lives for no fault of theirs. They were not politicians. They were not a part of the geo-political games. They were just innocent spectators who came to see Rajiv Gandhi because I suppose they had some hope in him for their aspirations.

In India we always accord more than needed admiration for politicians and Bollywood celebrities.

Someone wanted Rajiv Gandhi dead. Someone who had a political gain. Someone who could scuttle all conspiracies and yet continue politically. Someone who could continue to play prominent role in Indian politics and allow their family to continue to dominate politics.

LTTE has many supporters in Tamil Nadu. The DMK had openly supported LTTE. DMK leaders were even accused of sheltering LTTE in Tamil Nadu to carry out the assassination. 

DMK involvement with LTTE in the assassination will be a question whose answer many know but will not bother to raise due to political compulsions. 

Sonia Gandhi is 2004 decided to joins hands with DMK  to contest the next Parliamentary elections, after Eduardo Faleiro visited Jaffna. Sri Lanka media had reported that Faleiro met LTTE in a hush-hush manner.

In a common person’s death. Nobody would bother. In a political person’s death everyone will bother and mourn but the truth even though known will never come out.

In a political assassination it is often stated that people who gained the most are often the conspirators and accomplices to the assassination.

I mourn the death of the 14 people who died with Rajiv Gandhi. 

They did not deserve to die in such an inhumane manner. Dharman : A police constable, Santhani Begum : Mahila Congress Leader, Rajguru : Police Inspector, Chandra : Police Constable, Edward Jospeh : Police Inspector, KS Mohammed Iqbal : SP, Latha Kannan : Mahila Congress worker, Munuswamy : Ex-Member Tamil Nadu Legislative Council.

Sadly, neither Sonia Gandhi nor her children Rahul Gandhi and Priyanka Vada have done anything for the families of the victims who died along with Rajiv Gandhi.

Sonia Gandhi is more concerned in forgiving and DMK in releasing Rajiv Gandhi’s killers.

Until the truth comes out. And I hope someday it does because the nation needs to know the truth.


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