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Riots during Navratri


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Stones pelted on Hindus during Ramnavmi processions in several states, while Muslims continue to play victim. Muslims are dividing India by marking territories for themselves calling certain areas as sensitive areas also referred to as ‘Muslim areas’

Riots during Navratri -
Picture source-TFIpost

Navratri’s mark a significant festival for Hindus where they fast for 9 days as it marks Bhagwan Shri Rams birthday. Temples in India are lit up and observe fast during these 9 days. Hindus following the festival and festivities do not consume alcohol or non-veg, also avoiding onion & Garlic and move toward a sattvic diet to keep the mind and body healthier. Navratris, a beautiful and a peaceful festival which was attacked this year by Radical mobs in different parts of India.

Hate crimes have increased in India majorly against the Hindu community. During Ramnavmi processions in several states, radical mobs were seen pelting stones at the processions, showing swords and raising slogans, several people were left injured including cops, many who were arrested were identified as Muslims. While Hindus were attacked in many states there was also a procession which was held by both Hindus and Muslims together.

Riots during Navratri -

This is not the first time India witnessed a complete mockery of the majority by the Muslim minority. Communal clashes took place in several states: Jharkhand, Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh, and West Bengal after which states have been put on high alert. Even in the year 2020, February, there was an attack on Ankit Sharma and his body was found in a gutter, another incident came to light where Dilbar Negis body was found charred. The kind of threats Hindus have been facing has grown significantly in certain states. In the year 2022, Terrorist organizations like ISIS put out videos where they called Hindus ‘dirty cow urine drinkers’ and asked for people to take back Babri Masjid. It was after the Delhi riots in 2020, when ISIS started a magazine, where Muslim clerics were talking about setting camps in Lucknow to teach them self-defence and to buy guns.

Ramnavmi processions that were attacked:

  • A procession taken out by Hindus on Ramnavmi in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh was attacked, a lot of violence was witnessed including arson. A curfew was imposed later however 10 people, 5 police personnel’s were injured, houses were set on fire along with a temples being destroyed.
  • Gujrat: In Khambhat & Sabarkhantha stones were pelted, fire was reported- the police personnel’s had to then fire teargas in order to stop the violence
  • Bengal: a state where there is no law, appeasement politics is at its best, where Muslims are given preference over Hindus. Policemen were heavily placed as Hindus were attacked during Ram Navami procession in Shibpur area.
  • Jharkhand: Several people were left injured and one was killed, Heavy deployment has been done in Lohardagas Jharkhand

While some cities saw riots, a fight broke out between students in Jawaharlal Nehru College (JNU) who decided to disrupt the Havan in Kaveri hostel on Ramnavmi, also insisting on non-veg food to be served that day. These are the same people who caused violence, raised anti slogans previously as well. An FIR was registered on both sides, police also tightened the security and the Lobby remains silent.

There was a huge uproar and anger among Hindus, questioning the violence against them during Ramnavmi and even Hanuman Jayanti. The police in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, suspect PFIs role behind the violence which took place on 10th April following which centre may ban PFI (popular front of India). A list of hotspots was made for security arrangements which was shared with the local police- Talab chowk, Guru Darwaza, Kalali Kuwan, Jhanda Chowk, Dhan Mandi, Masjid Kumhar Wadi Localities

Several media houses and leftists are justifying the stone pelting saying, ‘why did Hindus go to a Muslim sensitive area’, why this division of areas within India and that too only for Muslims, why are these so called Muslim areas so sensitive? If we go back in history, Muslims have caused violence when Hindus pass a procession through a mosque in Nagpur also. Time and again we have been seeing how Muslims have been attacking Hindus and provoke Hindus, even after that, the victim only remains a Muslim.


Hanuman Jayanti 16th April 2022:

Riots during Navratri -
Picture credit: HinduPad

It was not only Ramvanmi processions that were attacked but later came the hanuman Jayant procession, which was also attacked and in this case people have tried to justify the attack by saying that Hindus did not have prior police permission to take out the procession. The Shobha Yatra passed through a mosque and Muslims started to attack Hindus. 8 Cops got severely injured during the stone pelting along with a civilian, and one police sub inspector, Medhalal Meena who got a bullet injury on his hand. The person’s name is Aslam who shot at the cop and is also arrested and a pistol was also recovered from him. Heavy police protection has been deployed in Jahangirpuri including CRPF, rapid action force.

Delhi police further went on to charge NSA (national security act) on 5 people among the arrested. There were several reports of arson, cars were set ablaze.


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