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Superstition and fraudulence: Tools of conversion mafia


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The western world seems very busy nowadays, especially in peddling how unsafe India is for minorities and how minority rights are being strangled in India. As for the western world, their realisation of religion, culture and truth comes with a prejudiced fixation burdened with a self-proclaimed need to monopolise the entire creation for their one God, the book and a holy ghost. This self-taken burden of the western world to populate a singular thought process has blurred the thin line between what is ethical and what is fraudulent, what is religious and what is quackery, and what is spirituality and what is cacophony.

At a time when humanity has realised the necessity of scientific medical interventions, and when India is taking the quantum jump to make healthcare accessible to the last person, an army of western religious zealots is flooding every nook and corner of the country to fool people with quackery and charm them into conversion on a mission mode. These European preachers who match the deceit and cunningness of snake charmers are using their hypocrisy of magical trickery and are driving innocent Indians away from awareness of scientific medical interventions to pursue magical and superstitious healing of diseases.

What is more intriguing is that, while these western religious zealots spread their antipathy against the Indian government’s stand on healthcare, they expect the Indian government to provide them with a conducive environment so that they can apply their quackery and comfortably convert the very people the Constitution has mandated the government to protect.

Now consider the above video of a Healing crusade event organised at Mariani town, Jorhat, Assam, between 22nd October to 25th October, 2019 by a Swedish couple, Hannah Mikaela Bloom and Marcus Arne Henrik Bloom, for their evangelical organisation called Good News to All People (GNTAP) where they claimed to have converted more than 15,787 (fifteen thousand seven hundred eighty-seven) people by performing magical healings on the old and the young. Astonishingly the Swedish preacher couple utilised their foreign funds to organise a three-day magical superstitious healing program right under the nose of the Jorhat district administration while on tourist visas and openly converted people.

The Preacher couple went on for three straight days conducting magical healing on Children disregarding the law of the land like the Juvenile Justice Act, violated the Drugs and Magic Remedies Act 1954, and the tourist visa norms, and while doing all that, conveniently preached the world how unsafe India is for Minorities and how strangled is freedom of religion in India.

While considering the west’s pretence on the supposed insecurity of Minorities in India, it would remain incomplete without highlighting the not-so-old memory of the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), which connivingly placed India on the list of countries of particular concern and opportunely overlooked human rights violations of Hindus in Pakistan. Perhaps the self-certified accreditation agency never misses out on an opportunity to lecture the world about religious freedom as it wants to blackmail the world into fulfilling the great biblical commission, or it is just one uncanny coincidence that almost all heads of the USCIRF are Christians and no other religionist ever got any chance in a so-called multicultural America.


Since the entire western world, USCIRF and BBC in particular, are so bothered with the insecurities of minorities inside India, it becomes a moral obligation for me as an Indian to highlight at least a few of the achievements of their citizens. This one, John Roughton from Virginia, USA, openly operates a Christian evangelical organisation by the name of Spirit of Faith Church inside Nagaland and by the name of NISSI church in Assam, which in all likelihood, is registered in the US. But interestingly, while searching for FCRA registration for both entities operated by John Roughton, we could not find one, thus cementing the suspicion that John Roughton is circumventing Indian laws and regulations to funnel foreign funds.

Since John Roughton is a US citizen, it is more than evident that the funds he utilised in founding and operating the Spirit of Faith Church are foreign funds and are violative of the FCRA laws of India. Moreover, it is clearly visible from the attached screenshots that John Roughton is organising public events while travelling on a tourist Visa. Subsequently, as a common practice in Churches, it is pretty standard that John Roughton is also receiving donations which again amounts to earning in India without a valid work permit. Concomitantly, John was also a very active anti-vaccine advocate and can be seen multiple times resorting to anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown propaganda.

It is also worth mentioning that John Roughton and his Spirit of Faith Church organised mass public events in Nagaland even when the entire country was under lockdown. Lastly, John Roughton and his spirit of Church also perform Magical healing on people where they supposedly heal people from a ghost infestation. Therefore again, violating the Drugs and magic remedies act 1954 and too without any legal consequences, maybe because he enjoys complete diplomatic patronage from the western Conversion corporation that would scream intolerance if confronted.

Now let us look at another UK-based organisation’s endeavour called “Heart for India”, which works in India and is registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales with the registration number 1088138. However, the very first thing one cannot miss out on is their self-declared motto i.e., “Advancement of the Christian religion primarily in India”, for which they had reportedly spent around £62,703, equating to 63,18,205.09 in Indian rupees in the financial year 21-22 alone. Moreover, Heart for India also declares their earlier name was PACAD or Plant a Church  Day, which again is self-explanatory and clearly establishes their objective.


The Heart for India, in turn, has an array of other organisations who furthermore operate other organisations to achieve the conversion goal in India. For example, heart for India collaborated with another US-based organisation, Christ for India, to fund the New India Church of God run by Pastor John Abraham, who operates 4,500 churches and 17 orphanages across India and has apparently converted more than 6,00,000 Hindus in the last decade alone.

The rate at which the western evangelist conglomerate is investing in achieving a blanket conversion in India is not being realised at an expected pace, and their investments are not getting the foreseen traction. Perhaps, this is the real reason why the west is suddenly infatuated with peddling stories of intolerance and strangulation of Minority rights in India. The western evangelist conglomerate also had, at times, left no stone unturned to imply that all practices of Indians and Hindus, in particular, are highly un-scientific and that only their way paved the path for scientifically achieving oneness with God. Therefore, it is only apt that before concluding this article, we shed some light on the scientific methods they propagate, especially in the North East.

Now let’s take the example of this video uploaded by pastor/apostle Rohit Emmanuel, originally from Punjab, where he can be seen attending a healing crusade event organised in Udalguri district, Bodoland Territorial region, Assam on 23rd September 2022. Here pastor Rohit Emmanuel can be seen magically removing Breast Cancer from a woman’s back, curing blindness and arthritis, and magically curing a child, presumably suffering from down syndrome, in exchange for conversion to Christianity. Pastor Rohit Emmanuel’s YouTube channel is flooded with videos where he claims to cure diseases in exchange for conversion.

Interestingly, Rohit Emmanuel is not a stand-alone case but part of a more extensive well-thought process plaguing and mushrooming the entire North East, especially Assam and Arunachal.

Here is an example of another pastor Rajan Singh, again from Punjab, operating a Church by the name of Grace and Peace Ministries Assam in Ouphulia Tea Estate, Moran, Dibrugarh, Assam, explicitly targeting the Adivasi community by performing miracle healings. The link above is to a YouTube video, uploaded by Pastor Rajan Singh, where he claims to have miraculously cured Appendix of a Child, followed by an elated uproar by the audience. It can be easily understood that the audience present in the meeting was convinced by these claims, which raises the probability that maybe the next time a child suffers from a disease in the Ouphulia Tea Estate, it is highly likely that he/she will not get a proper scientific medical intervention and instead will be subjected to Miracle superstitious healing thus jeopardising the life and wellbeing of the child.

Similar examples are available from Arunachal and Meghalaya but have not been documented in this article, considering the length and limit of this article. Nevertheless, it is reasonably clear that there is a larger plan and program in play orchestrated by the western Christian world that wants to blackmail India into submission, that wants to pressurise the Indian government to hand out a red-carpet welcome while they execute their subversive policies.

However, the western Christian world has also realised that the Nation society is today aware and more vigilant than before and, with time, will only become resilient, thus, suddenly giving rise to the urge to target India and the Indian government’s image globally.

Author: Shrutikar Abhijit

Shrutikar Abhijit is associated with the Institute of Conflict
Research and Resolution, ICRR, in the capacity of an Executive
Director. ICRR is a Think Tank based out of Guwahati and has
considerable experience monitoring issues concerning North East
India, Strategic Affairs and Internal Security. Some of the intervention
papers of the author on changing demographics, the Challenge of
encroachment on the Sattra’s, and Minority Watch-An analysis of
religious minority in Pakistan etc, were well received in the public

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