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Thank you Mr Parrikar!


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It has been a year since you moved on to a new life with the Gods.

Your absence in my life is most felt now but it is your lessons that guide my path.

I often attribute the passion I have for India to the teachings and inspirations of my grandparents and parents; but I attribute my understanding of politics, social responsibility and most all my role as a citizen in nation building from you.

Politics was a subject I never wanted to comprehend or analyse. Fortunately, most of my political understanding and acumen has come from my interactions with you and not some of the other corrupt politicians that has plagued our country. 

I hope we had a lot more than the few we had.

Your nature of politics was of service to the people of Goa and to the nation before self.

You wanted to leave a legacy that future generations of Indians would look up to and say that, not all politicians of our great nation were devoid of integrity and intelligence. You were an IITian and you should the way to New India, that educated people can be in politics too and contribute to nation building.

You brought respectability to being a politician. You were humble, educated and most of all devoted to your profession, that of being a politician.

I remember the late-hours you put into ensuring that Goa becomes a formidable state in governance and economic growth, even though you inherited a government that was reeling under a huge illegal mining scam and other bad debts of the governments before you.

You had many critics. And some of those critics continue to spew lies. But as you once told me, having critics only means that you are doing your job, let the people you work for decide if your job is good or bad.

You always encouraged my views, thoughts and sometimes even my bluntness. You were a good listener to logic and also explained most complex matters with reason and simplicity.

The vision you had for Goa was the most inspirational discussion I heard from you. You lived with this dream, you walked on that dream and you accomplished some parts of that dream, if not all.

Your sincerity saw a Goan take the office of the third most important minister of the country.  

Centre never looked at Goa or Goan political leaders with optimism or potentiality.  You got the whole of India and the world to look at Goa with respect, credibility and believe in our potentiality.

You were an icon and you continue to inspire not only us Goans but Indians all-over the world.

You earned your respect by being true to your vision and mission in life.

Your simplicity was infectious and coupled with your intelligence, it showcased a rare quality in a political leader.

I am forever grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from you.

I hope someday I can make you proud by becoming an India political thinker and leader that takes India to new heights.

Thank you teaching me that if you want that if you want to be the pride of your state and nation, then you must work with dedication and devotion to the nation and opportunity will present itself to serve the nation. 

I believe you are watching over India, Goa and people inspired by you.

Until we meet again Mr Parrikar.

  1. Absolutely Savio hi. A simple human being who rose to one of the highest offices but kept him connected with laymen with his simplicity. Education and degrees from prestigious institutions become more decorated when it sits on people like Manohar ji. He was that one unpolished diamond we Indians lost too early.

    Keep up the good work Savio ji. We need people like you to take the legacy of Manohar ji forward.

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