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The death of a Kashmiri Pandit – Ajay Pandita


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I do not mean to be insensitive but the truth is that a death of a Kashmiri pandit has always remained a mere statistic. I hope the death of Ajay Pandita does not meet the same fate.

There will be reams of newsprint dedicated to speaking about the rights of the Hindus and Sikhs in Kashmir but until we understand the grave danger that Hindus face in Kashmir we will see more cold blooded deaths like that of Ajay Pandita. 

The mistake of Ajay Pandita was to believe in the process of the Indian democracy in a land that is in India but mindset of a majority of its people is Anti-India. 

Most of the Kashmiri Muslims you interact with will tell you that they are Kashmiris first but pro-India. They have been fed with this misnomer since childhood, that because they are Kashmiris, they are more special than the rest of India. 

This thought was impregnated by the Kashmiri leaders and the Indian government with half-baked socio economic policies. They failed in making Kashmir inclusive with India. Therefore, Kashmiris were allowed to reside and do business in most places in India but no other Indian could reside, own land or do business in Kashmir.  This is where the problem germinated and the Islamic radicals seeped their hate-messages throw this divisional anti-Indian point of view.

Local Kashmiri leaders like Farooq Abdullah were led to believe that Kashmir was like a nation and he was the supreme leader of that nation. Even today the Abdullah’s think that Kashmir is their legitimate birthright. These politicians should be put in jail and the keys should be thrown away. Unfortunately they were detained for a few months only.

Look at the coincidence, a few weeks after their release, we see the emergence of terror activities in Kashmir. 

Successive Indian governments have allowed for a diabolic mindset in Kashmir to grow. A mindset that is controlled by Islamic radicalism. A mindset that has been brainwashed into believing that other than a Kashmiri Muslim no one has rights on Kashmir. A mindset that hate Hindus in Kashmir or want Hindus to be subjected to Islamic tyranny.

When Kashmiri Pandits were driven out of Kashmir over night by mobs of Kashmiri Muslims brainwashed by Islamic radicals, the rest of us Indians watched in horror but zipped our mouth tight that we did not raise our voices to stand up for our own people after the grave injustice and terror that was meted out to our Kashmiri Hindus.

We failed our Kashmiri Pandits over thirty years. Now with the Abrogation of Article 370, there is some hope.

The new Pakistan-backed terror front in Kashmir – The Resistance Front – claimed that they were responsible for the death of the Sarpanch and they also had the audacity to issue a threat stating that no non-Kashmiri will be allowed to settle in Kashmir, if they try to settle, they will be killed.

This statement of a terror group in Kashmir threatening Indians is unacceptable because it is made in independent India and Kashmir is an inclusive part of independent India. No terror group on Indian soil must be ever be able to threaten Indians from residing in Kashmir. The Indian Army and police force in Kashmir must weed out the members of the terror group the Resistance Front and have them shot.

Ajay Pandita was killed because he was distributing domicile certificates. He believed in integrating Kashmir with the rest of India. He was killed because he was a Kashmiri Pandit. He was killed because the Kashmiri Islamic radicals know that no one in India will fight for the rights of the Kashmiri Pandits. 

Ajay Pandita is just the beginning of the bloodshed in Kashmir by the terror groups. They do not want other Indians to integrate with Kashmir. They do not want Hindus to return back to Kashmir. They want the fear to persist. They want the fear to be real.

There is no reasoning with such terror. There is only the use of the gun. Therefore as much as I believe in effort to reason and reform, I do not believe that the terrorists in Kashmir can be reasoned with or reformed, they need to be eliminated in the interest of Kashmir and in the interest of India.

Ajay Pandita’s death must be avenged to set an example that if a terror group can kill an Indian, then our armed forces can neutralises hundreds of terrorists. 

I think it is time for us Indians to settle in Kashmir. The Hindus, Christians, Sikhs, Parsis and non-Kashmiri Muslims.

It is time to show the terrorists that Indians are not afraid. Kashmir has been a part of India and will always be a part of India.

If we allow the death of Ajay Pandita to remain a mere statistic, we will fail prey to the designs of the terror groups; and the operations and financial handlers in Pakistan, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

This virus of Islamic radicalism is now not only visible in Kashmir. It was for a long period of time now it is spreading fast across most colleges in India in tacit understanding with those anti-nationals immersed in left ideology.

Islamic radicalism is real it is not a myth. If we save Kashmir, we will be able to save the rest of India. 

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