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Tripura: VHP wants legislation to stop conversion of Hindus to Christianity


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Agartala: The Viswa Hindu Parisad (VHP) working president for the South East chapter, Alok Kumar, expressed concern on Monday over the reported rising incidences of Hindu conversions to Christianity.

He observed that early implementation of the Uniform Civil Code (UCC) would minimise the threats to Hinduism. The number of Christian believers has been rising in Tripura by leaps and bounds, and to tackle the situation, the government must come up with an effective law.

“In 1991, the total number of Christians in Tripura was only 5% of the total population, which had increased to 10% in 2001 and 13.12% in the 2011 census. Although the latest census report has not yet been released, it seems the figure would be more than 20% by now, and Christians are increasing with the high pace of forceful conversion from Hinduism,” Kumar pointed out.

However, the census figure is the only voluntary disclosure of religion, but there have been crypto-Christians who do not reveal their real identity and are yet to be counted, he observed, adding that the Indian constitution allows conversion, but if it is done through inducements like jobs, free education, and healthcare services, it would certainly be considered free and willing conversions.

“We shall request the state government to bring effective legislation against forced conversions,” Kumar demanded, urging the government to take the issue seriously to maintain peace and tranquilly in society.

Talking about the ongoing turmoil in Manipur, he stated that the main focus of the government should be to restore normalcy in the strife-torn state, ensure the children get access to education, ensure the safe return of thousands of people rendered homeless, and extend support to the hundreds who lost their lives during violence.

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