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Ukraine becomes testing lab for USA, UK weapons


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The Russia-Ukraine war has taken a new turn now, as Ukraine has now become the testing lab for the USA, Europe, and other of its allies, where the allies are testing the use of their weapons to find out how efficient they are. All these weapons have never been used in a war earlier, and hence, Ukraine has turned into a weapons-lab. Jim Himes, member of the intelligence committee of the USA’s House of Representative, has said that even a book can be written on whatever could be learned in Ukraine.

One military officer stated that the Ukraine war is about to provide the American army with a plethora of data as far as the use of its weapons is concerned. St. Johns, director of the International Security Programme at the Centre for Strategic and International Studies, says that the US is watching the Russia-Ukraine war closely for the broader lessons of the 21st century warfare between two modern nations. The western countries have taken note of faults in their weapons, and in the meanwhile, Ukraine has provided cheap and effective solutions for these faults.

The Switchblade 300 drones and the missile systems which target the enemy’s radar, which were given to Ukraine were directly used in the war for the first time. As per the British thinktank, both of these proved to be weak in the battlefield. The light-weight M142 multiple rocket launchers have been highly effective for Ukraine. Ordinary pick-up trucks have been turned into mobile missile launchers.

In order to hit the right targets with the American and western countries’ weapons, Ukraine has developed an app. This targeting tool has been developed using the smartphone, which is widely being used by the Ukrainian army to target Russian drones. 3D printers are preparing spare parts, because of which heavy gadgets are getting repaired even on the battlefield.

In the meanwhile, the USA has announced further assistance worth 2.5 billion dollars to Ukraine and armoured vehicles along with many other weapons will be provided to the country. With this, American military help to Ukraine has turned worth 27.5 billion dollars. There has been some disagreement between the USA and Germany regarding sending a tank to Ukraine. Germany will provide the Leopard Tank to Ukraine on certain conditions.

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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