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Vision for a simplified and futuristic framework: 3F Future Fintech Framework


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3F is a book which will give all Fintech enthusiasts an easier understanding along with a direction.

Author of the book 3F Future Fintech Framework- Kartik Swaminathan has experience of over 21 years in the banking, financial services, and technology (Fintech) space. He has worked on ideating, creating, and delivering innovative financial products, projects, processes, and related tech solutions throughout his career. He has hands-on experience on various solutions across investment & wealth management, asset management, Neo banking, financial inclusion, compliance, fraud management & e-Governance. Kartik Swaminathan is also the founder at Fintastech.in where he consults on products and Go to Market.

The book is available at:  https://notionpress.com/read/3f-future-fintech-framework also available as physical and eBook versions on Amazon, Kindle, and other options globally.

Let us dive into the book:

An emerging industry that uses technology to refine activities in the financial space. How does Fintech function? An application-based software or technology that provides automated and refined financial services like the applications through which money transactions happen which have bought upon changes to how people manage their finances for example digital wallets, bill payments, borrowing, investing, etc. Fintech’s scope has grown immensely in the digital/social media aspect.

3F framework is a technology that is not specific to a product, making it easily accessible and can be applied to the most product and solution-related use in the Fintech space. 3F framework could be used for digital platforms like e-commerce websites. Kartik Swaminathan explains the 3 frameworks for innovation and growth: User journey, Logical architecture, API marketplace- pick and choose, render your application which will be the next new thing.

The 3 Frameworks mentioned in the book are:

FDLC- Fintech Digital Life Cycle

Any Fintech product will have 7 stages from start to end. Beginning with on boarding and ending with off-boarding. Across these stages, Kartik Swaminathan has identified 39 sub-stages that help you tell what you can do to enrich your existing product and how to enhance the value of a product which you would like to launch. The reader would be equipped to Innovate and ideate. The more frictionless are the stages, the smoother the journey.

FLARE-Fintech Logical Architecture

Kartik Swaminathan has broken down the structure into 14 functional components which are a simpler version that explains where you can co-relate the components and logically go about it applying. Serves as a bridge between functionality and systems requirements.

FAM- Fintech API Market Place

APIs are components that help 2 applications communicate amongst each other to exchange information, are also expanded in the Fintech world. APIs will be listed in a market place and anyone looking to state their business would have access to it. The book gives a great idea and direction to help you foresee how you can work with API’s. API would be a large business model enabling the growth of Digital and Fintechs.

4 Key aspects in Fintech

Fintech players’ Ecosystem

Kartik Swaminathan talks about different Fintech players’ rights from regulatories, intermediaries, actual players, emerging players, and new players. Fintech players: BFSI players, Tech companies, various types of players, and how these players evolve, they all have a supporting role to play for each other. Apart from the player categories, the book gives an insight into how different types of players are likely to be evolved.

Emphasizing on Income cost and pricing paradigm

He says ‘‘we can design good products however they have to be commercially viable so there have to be commercial aspects. The evolution of income or cost fixed is changed over the period of time’’. A trend to move from Capex to Opex, a common digital trend. Book captures in detail, how the income and cost fix has evolved over the period.


Privacy regulation, consumer protection, fraud are some of the challenges and limitations in privacy norms. The book discusses this limitation by providing solutions and suggestions. Regulations play a major role in the Fintech world. Fundamentally the regulations mostly will remain the same.

Career opportunities

15 or 20 years back, no one would have heard of Product managers, business analysts, project managers in a bank however today no bank can possibly run without project managers, business analysts or so to speak human minds which have been a very big shift in the last 20 years and the book explains and tracks the shift, which will be beneficial for the reader to orient on to various roles emerging in this segment.

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