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Wake up, Hindus! Do not let your children’s blood be Jihadis’ iftar


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What happened in Badaun two days earlier has filled me with utmost disgust, and as a result, it took me almost two days to sit up and write what I feel; because prior to this, no matter how hard I tried to put my thoughts to words, I simply could not. Words escaped me, and what remained was pure disgust, anger, sadness, and helplessness. But keeping aside the plethora of emotions which have been evoked, it is time I express what is on my mind.

Two innocent little children lost their lives, they were brutally murdered by Sajid and Javed, only because poor Ahaan and Ayush were ‘Kafirs’; and while some continue to focus more on the encounter of Sajid and the arrest of Javed, as it is some sort of rare feat, the bitter fact is that those two little babies will not come back to life, and that their mother will never be able to caress them, feed them, or love them.

The death or incarceration of Jihadis after they manage to kill poor Hindus barbarically is surely legal punishment, but it will not and cannot change the fact that more Hindus lost their lives, and that more families have been scarred for a lifetime.

Let me set the record straight here, today, I will not talk about the role of the Jihadis as culprits against Hindus; I will simply talk about how the Hindus themselves have been responsible for what is happening to them in this country, which can house all sorts of foreigners, and even illegal immigrants are provided with homes here through the central government’s housing schemes; but the real people of this country, the natives, who have been calling Bharat home for millennia now, continue to remain refugees here and keep on dying at the hands of people who belong in foreign religions, and have foreign beliefs.

Firstly, it is of utmost importance for us Hindus that all religions are not equal nor similar. While Sanatana Dharma talks about how people from different backgrounds, religions, and beliefs can co-exist peacefully, and while believing that the Earth is one big family, prays for the good of whole of this planet; Abrahamic religions like Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, talk about how those who are polytheists or idolators need to be killed wherever spotted, converted to their faiths, and how people who do not follow these religions are bound to burn in a fire of hell.

Hence, at this juncture, the Hindus have to come out of their deep sleep, in which they have been dreaming of some utopian secularism, which does not exist in reality and never will in the future, and get this right into their heads- Jihadis will not stop committing crimes against you because you think they will not or because you think they are peace-loving and friendly neighbours, friends, or colleagues. Jihadis will not spare your lives because you do not have the time or will to go to a nearby Mandir at least once a week, let alone daily, but are regular visitors to a nearby Dargah or Mazar.

From Dilbar Negi to Kamlesh Tiwari, from Shraddha Walker’s dead body’s 32 pieces to Ankit Sharma being stabbed 500 times, from Kanhaiyalal being beheaded to the burning of Hindus on a train bogey in Godhra, from the killings and rapes in West Bengal to urinating in Hindus’ prasad in Telangana’s Bhainsa, from pelting stones on Hindus in Nuh to rendering Kashmiri Hindus homeless in their own country, the aim of the Jihadis is crystal clear- their aim is to kill Kafirs, their aim is to make sure everyone is a Muslim, their aim is ‘Ghazwa-I-Hind’.

But in order to realise all these things and accept the bitter truth, Hindus have to come out of their slumber, deeper than that of Kumbhakarna, and understand- SECULARISM CANNOT BE A ONE-WAY STREET.

Therefore, the first step towards protecting your family, your children, your loved ones, and most importantly, your Sanatana Dharma is to understand the fact that you are a lone walker in this street of secularism in this country, and that the others do not want you to thrive or practice your own religion, in your own homeland. It is crucial to realise that Jihadis or anyone whom you perceive to be a threat to your religion and welfare, despises you deep down because you do not say what they do, you do not think what they do, and you certainly do not pray to whosoever they do.

Identifying your nemesis is the first step towards winning a war, and this is not a cakewalk, this is a civilisational war on the whole, and hence, this ‘Shatrubodh’ is of extreme importance; not everyone is your friend, and not everyone is as secular as you are.

Secondly, please open your eyes and realise that you, as Hindus, as a community, need to stand up for your own self, fighting for your own rights, fighting for your own identity, and fighting for your own life. Nobody else, I reiterate, nobody will come to your rescue when a Jihadi will be standing on your door with a sword, pistol, or a knife. Hence, stop outsourcing the duty to protect yourself or your community to the BJP or the RSS. Stand on your own feet and inculcate the spirit of self-defence and offensive defence in yourself and your children.

Because, remember, while you or your children are busy planning a trip to a renowned Masjid or the Taj Mahal for that matter, the Jihadis and their children are sharpening their swords to slit your throats, and are making heaps of stones and bricks to pelt on you when you enjoy your festivals like Holi, Diwali, Ram Navami, or Dussehra.

Thirdly, take pride in your religion, learn about your Sanatana Dharma, your religious practices, your culture, and your traditions. Remember, the plants with the weakest roots get uprooted the earliest when a storm hits the ground. Today, Hindus are the very plants with the weakest roots. Since childhood, Muslim children are taught to keep a Roza or wear a hijab; Christian children are taken to the Sunday Mass; and Sikh children are taught to wear the turban.

But Hindus are the only fools who do not even teach their children the Hanuman Chalisa or ask them to keep the Ekadashi fast. Let alone these traditions, how many of Hindus visit or teach their children to visit a Mandir at least once a week?

And rather than inculcating your own religion’s values in your children, you are busy taking them to dargahs, masjids, or churches. And while Hindu children do not even know the proper way to perform Bhagwan’s Arti, they start wearing skull caps and crosses because foreign culture becomes ‘cool’ and Sanatana Dharma becomes regressive for them.

Do not let your plants get uprooted when the slightest of winds start blowing, teach them to stand firmer than ever; because if you do not have ‘Shatrubodh’, if you get over-friendly with your own enemies, if you do not learn how to protect yourself and others, and you do not teach and learn about your own religion and traditions, nobody will come to help you when somebody knocks on your door, not with their hands, but with a sharpened sword, ready to have your children’s blood as iftar, in your own house!

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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