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You are the ‘Devil’ the Catholic Church preaches about Bishop Franco


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Finally the law is catching up with you Bishop Franco Mulakkal.  You are a rape accused. 

The law might be delayed but truth always has the grace of God. The truth is with the nun you raped ad sodomised 13-times.

Never before have I felt such hate and repulsiveness towards another human as I feel towards you.

Never before have I felt such anger and disappointment towards the Catholic Church as I feel towards it now.

Never before have I felt the need to stay away from the Catholic Church teachings in order to safe guard my faith in the true teachings of Jesus.

Never before have I felt the need to stop my children from attending Catechism classes to learn about the beauty of Christianity which to me is now lost.

What I would have never done before, I have done now because of you and because of the tacit coverup support the Catholic Church provides you. 

You are an evil man.

You know the crime you have committed and the number of times you have committed it and the number of people you have committed it too.

You think your position of power in the Catholic Church gives you the immunity to not pay for your crimes.

You think that as a Bishop, no Christian will believe the nun on her accusation of rape and sodomy you have committed on her as accused by her.

Being true to my profession of a journalist and my faith as a Christian, I have the following question to ask you. I have chosen to ask you these questions openly:

  • Did not Fr James Eryathil approach Sister Anupama with a bribe of 10 acre land to set-up a convent? Which did he approach her on your behalf and where does a Catholic Bishop gets 10 acre of land to give to the nuns to set-up a convent?
  • Did not Fr James Eryathil approach the brother of the raped nun with Rs 5 crore compensation to hush up the case? Why did he approach the brother on your behalf and where does a Catholic Bishop get Rs 5 crore to bribe someone?
  • What would have been the need to bribe the family and nuns supporting the victim if you were innocent of the crime you are being accused of and for which you were jailed?
  • Did you not spread the false story in media about the raped nun, first having an illicit affair with another man and then that she was trying to blackmail you for a better position in the congregation?
  • Did priests connected to you harass and torture mentally and emotionally Father Kuriakose for supporting the nun and speaking against you?
  • Are not the statements you made to the Kerala police during investigations false, this was proved when the statements were corroborated with the other key witnesses, that’s why you were arrested?
  • Did not the victim nun in her statement stated that you raped her 13 times between 2014 and 2016 at the Convent’s guest house at Kurvailangad and when the police questioned you, you lied that you were never there on those days?
  • Did not the nun-in-charge of the Thodupuzha convent tell the investigators that you did not arrive at the Thodupuzha convent on May 5, 2014. In fact she told the investigators that you told her lie about your whereabouts to create an alibi?
  • Did not your driver tell the investigators that he had dropped you at the St Francis Convent at Kurvailangad just as the victim nun mentioned in her statement?
  • Did not the Visitor’s Register Diary in possession of the police not show any entry of you at the Thodupuzha convent on that day?
  • Why did Fr Kuriakose fear you so much that he told his family that his life was in danger for speaking the truth against you to the media? Why did he term you as a ‘thug’ and a ‘goonda’?
  • Did not the investigations into the rape case of the nun and charges filed in the affidavit in Kerala high court reveal that you also raped the nun unnaturally? Where did you acquire such levels of degeneration? 
  • Did not the police investigations reveal that besides rape of the nun in question thirteen times, you also have cases of sexual abuse against you from two other sisters?
  • You told media that Anti-Christian forces are attacking you and the Church? Could you prove which anti-christian force attacked you because the nuns are Christians, the people who protested for justice and your arrest were Christians?
  • Even after a non-bailable arrest warrant is ordered against you, you chose to use your PRO Fr Peter to raises questions about the integrity of the Indian judiciary through a reportage on a Christian media channel.

Let me be absolute brutal to you as the crime you committed.

You are a disgrace to the cloak of a priest you wear and a disgrace to the teachings of Jesus.

You might assume that a few blinded followers might give you a ‘hero’ welcome but even the Bible warns every Christian to beware of the demon who comes as an angel of light.

Pope Francis in his recent statement on sexual abuse within the Catholic Church spoke about the ‘Devil within the Church’.

I agree with him. The devil is within those sexual predators that prance around in the garb of holiness and dressed in a cassock.

You are the face of the evil of sexual abuse within the Catholic Church in India.

The nuns have unmasked the evil face of the Catholic Church when they took you and the might of the Catholic Church on.

And I know they will fight you till their death because the spirit of truth and spirit of God is with them.

You on the other hand can hide behind your castles built of sand because a strong wave is coming.

Let me leave you with a verse from the Bible Romans 12: 19-21, “Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

I can only pray for justice and believe that God has answered our prayer.

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