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Your love is Jihad, not love


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Time and again people have brought up the issue of Love Jihad and have given their own views about it. Luring a man or a woman under false pretence, forcing them to adapt Islam, countless incidents where murders also take place. Some people try to turn it around and websites of extremists like Wikipedia call ‘Love Jihad’ a conspiracy by Hindus, Wikipedia needs to have their facts corrected as they have zero credibility at least in India where Hindus live. One needs to understand that there is no shying away from the fact that Muslim men have lured Hindu girls, forcing them to convert to Islam, why should anyone be forced to convert their religion? What is their agenda behind increasing the Muslim population by forced conversions?

Emergence of Love Jihad and sufferings of Hindus

The brutality of Muslim invaders and their radicalism surpassed to an extent of congregating women as they were evaluated like a reward, during the Medieval time when Muhammad Bin Qasim who had invaded Hindu territories, had formed a policy of killing all men bearing arms and making women hostages where women and children were forcefully converted to Islam and those who did not bear with them were brutally terrorised and killed. Our history has books which have glorified the Mughals unfortunately and very conveniently erased the History and achievements of Hindu Kings and leaders. Mughals at those times treated women as slaves, sex objects, women even belonging to the Muslim community had and still suffer from restrictions on them where as the men empower vast freedom. Humongous amount of slave trade done by the Islamic community along with the Arabs since the Islamic law permitted slavery restricting the enslavement of pre-existing Muslims also giving a free hand to purchase slaves and put no limit on it which eventually became a recurring practice for them. Radicals like Aurangzeb abducted and enslaved women during raids and invasions, specially targeting the Hindu women. Even today MINOR HINDU GIRLS are abducted in Pakistan and are converted into Islam with full-fledged backing.The origin of Love Jihad existed long back, it was only later when it started to come in the forefront and has now emerged as a growing concern, coming under the scanner & forcing the Govt to make laws against Love Jihad. According to reports, Kerala had observed an increasing rise of abductions of Hindu girls who were forcefully being converted. According to a report from Hindu Janajagruti Samiti which stated that up to 30,000 girls were abducted in Karnataka alone.

Love Jihad is not for people of inter-faith marriages in accordance of them not being forced for the same, the law only applies to those with mala-fide intentions. Muslim extremists will denounce Love Jihad as they always have and will continue to. Strict laws coming into place to let them know there would be consequences.

While speaking to Ankur Acharya, about Love Jihad we aimed to understand the issue in depth:

Ankur Acharya, having done a case study on Love Jihad in depth shared his views along with the material he possessed. He collected several news articles on Love Jihad which have been overlooked in the longer run forgetting about such issues, the crimes are so heinous that it should send chills down your spine. He further reveals a lot of details about Love Jihad stating that there are no issues when an inter faith marriage takes place however the question arises when only Hindu girls are targeted the most and are only & only being converted to one religion that is ISLAM. These Muslim men are familiar while targeting which girl would know of their religion or not much, further questioning them about multiple things on their religion and trying to demean Hinduism infront of the girl. They make the girls believe that ISLAM is the ONLY religion that has value, after sweet talking their way into the whole scenario they don’t just stop here, some are even married from before with existing children

  • many women revealed that they were Hindus and were converted under false pretence,
  • these men beat the women
  • leave them when they get pregnant
  • While have sexual relations, their MMS is made-released named as Hindu girl with Muslim man, girls are threatened and gang raped by the man along with his peers
  • Forcing women into prostitution
  • Extortion
  • Sent to ISIS
  • On refuting, the girls are murdered

From school going girls, to elder women all can be targeted

Ankur Acharya gives his piece of mind to people who act secular but have a bent towards Islam who raise questions like ‘How does any religion even matter, anyone and everyone has the freedom to believe in any religion being their fundamental right? To which he says, that going in a loop about this has no point, inter faith marriages with consent is one thing and forceful conversions are another, when girls are sold to other countries, it has to be opposed stringently and there is no question about it, further listing out legitimate justifications:

  • Advantage that a Muslim gets: Unfortunately, there are still issues of considering women and men not-equal in India and other countries too especially/ in Muslim dominated countries where sharia law exists and radical Muslims live in majority. Several women in India who are vegetarians are considered to be stronger mentally and physically and are capable give birth to a healthier baby in future, they are also adaptive and open minded which makes them the target by Muslims. By brainwashing them and sweet talking their way through them, they successfully lure the women. Women are used as machines for giving birth to babies and if some women cannot conceive, there organs are taken out and sold off.
  • Loss of Hindus: After marrying or staying with a Muslim man, the Hindu girl loses her own value system and believes adapting to ISLAM. A child of a Muslim man and Hindu girl will never have a Hindu name and will grow to oppose Hinduism. Example: Saif Ali Khan and Kareena kapoor’s son who is named as Taimur and would have never been named as Tushar probably.

Just like students learn engineering in Indian colleges like IIT and then walk off to other countries to make them a superpower and end up abusing our own country (India)

Following are 14 points which proves that Love Jihad is a real issue

  1. In 2009, Kerala and Karnataka saw growing issue of several Hindu women being converted into Islam that too in large numbers had emerged as a huge concern. In 2010 Chief Minister of a left party had given a statement saying that Popular front of India (PFI) was majorly responsible for Love Jihad and they are being funded via Hawala transactions
  2. Justice KT Sankaran of Kerala High Court in 2009 had stated about the conversions and that about 3000 to 4000 girls were forcefully converted to Islam holding National democratic front and PFI responsible for the same further adding that these forced conversions had started in 1996 where Hindu and Christian women were targeted. In 1996 two boys named Shahenshah and Sirajuddin had forced a Hindu and a Christian to convert into Islam, both were denied anticipatory bail.https://www.dnaindia.com/india/report-kerala-high-court-finds-signs-of-love-jihad-suggests-law-checks-it-1321955
  3. NIA and Supreme Court both in 2017 had accepted and acknowledged that there’s a special pattern of Love Jihad under which girls are being converted, Pinarayi Vijayan the then Chief Minister had also received a lot of requests from women whose daughters were in relationships with Muslim men and had gone missing since then


  1. In 2014, Chief Oommen Chandy had given out data, from 2009-2012 there were 2667 Non-Muslim women who were converted to Islam, out of which 2195 were Hindu women and 492 were Christians
  2. Even Uttar Pradesh saw a lot of cases of conversions, UP being a hub for Muslims. In Meerut number of Muslims being higher, in 2013 there were about 130 cases of conversions reported and in 120 cases were registered in 2014
  3. In 2017, India Today had performed a sting operation of a women belonging to PFI organization where she is seen confessing to have converted 5000 non-Muslim girls into Islam further revealing that they get a huge amount of funding and is shown as a charitable trust to avoid any enquiry on the same. Ahmad Sharif, a member of PFI had also confessed to having an aim of converting India into an Islamic nation and hence the conversions to increase the Muslim population https://www.indiatoday.in/india/story/love-jihad-kerala-conversion-factory-islamic-state-1078518-2017-10-31
  4. Under the name of Love, Muslim men use non-Muslim girls as merely sex objects, they are forced and threatened to convert to Islam and are sold off to Arab countries and other countries said Rekha Sharma, Chairwoman of National Commission for women.
  5. In 2015 Ladakh Buddhist Association and a Sikh Counsel in Britain, had revealed that both Buddhist girls and Sikh girls have been target and were forcefully converted to Islam. A committee called S.M.A.R.T- Sikh meditation and rescue team was formed to rescue and to aid the victims of Love Jihad.

http://www.sunday-guardian.com/news/buddhists-in-ladakh-allege-love-jihad Issue of Love Jihad was raised in the British Parliament seeking an investigation into it as in 2007 several newspapers in United Kingdom had reported conversion cases.

  1. In 2017, a girl named Athira had accepted Islam as her religion and changed her name to Aisha and had later converted by to Hinduism. She told the media that the she had little knowledge of her religion and was influenced by her peers to think of Islam as the only pure religion, taking advantage of her innocence towards the understanding of Hinduism they filled her mind with all false theories around Hinduism. She was included in a group called Hidayat sisters where the polluted the mind of the vulnerable ones. It was only later, when she met members belonging to Hindu Sanghatan and she was made to understand what happened with her. This was one of the few cases where the girl managed to escape and save herself https://www.thenewsminute.com/article/kerala-woman-who-left-home-convert-islam-now-returns-hinduism-68841
  2. Muslims have raised objections over the term ‘love jihad’ stating that the word love shouldn’t be called out with Jihad. The term ‘love jihad’ was coined keeping the Radicalism in mind and the way Love is used a pretext to lure girls into all sorts of wrongdoings.
  • Quran 2/221: Not to marry mushrik women until they convey to Islam; believing women who are slaves are much better than a free mushrik woman even if u perceive of her as a more attractive lady. “

Mushrik: a person who refuses to accept Islam

  • Quran 70/30: Muslims can have sexual relations with their wives or even with their slaves, mostly women are brought in as slaves after wars
[one_half]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half][one_half_last]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half_last] [one_half]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half][one_half_last]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half_last]

Social media is a tool that should be utilized rather than used to terrorism or radicalism, citing an example Ankur Acharya says that one should have a deep look as to what is happening on social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, twitter and check out the meme pages where the Islamic community is seen making fun of the Hindus even in a sexual way. When a news of a celebrity marrying a Muslim man comes, the Muslim community blasts into joy depicting their satisfaction however if a Muslim woman marries a Hindu man then they start to degrade the woman.

Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad

What is Love Jihad: Muslim men (illegal migrants) targeting Hindu girls, luring and brainwashing them under a false pretence. These Muslim men usually change their name for instance Wasim to Aman, they wear a Kalava, a locket of a Hindu god posing as a Hindu man in front of the girl, after the girl is under their influence, these Muslim men forcefully converting them into Islam

A depiction of execution and future of Hindu girls after Love Jihad by Ankur Acharya

Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad

Further presenting some of the brutal incidents of Love jihad occurred till now, snapshots of articles provided by Ankur Acharya

Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad

Murder of Ekta Deshwal who hailed from Ludhiana, was lured by a Muslim man named Shakib who posed as Amaninfront of her in order to get into a relationship with Ekta. She was beheaded by Shakib and her body was cut into pieces and scattered the parts in several places.

[one_half]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half][one_half_last]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half_last] [one_half]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half][one_half_last]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half_last] [one_half]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half][one_half_last]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half_last] [one_half]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half][one_half_last]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half_last] [one_half]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half][one_half_last]Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad[/one_half_last]

Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad

Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad

Love Jihad is like a virus and has spawed the Hindus, there is a gang of fake liberals who have a bent toward the Jihadis and will refute love jihad as much as they can, do not fall for it. They will never raise their voice for a Hindu. It becomes very vital for Hindus all over to respect and to be aware of their own religion first, parents need to stress on teaching the right history to their kids where Mughals had invaded us and had laid havoc. Make your women and men aware around you, there have been several cases where Muslim women extends friendship toward Hindu girls only to introduce them forward to more Muslim men.Hindus have been sleeping for a long time now, an appeal to all Hindus, let us wake up and UNITE.

Compulsion of accepting Islam after marrying a Muslim man, results into a Hindu girl giving up her rights of which she is entitled to under ‘Hindu Succession Act, Hindu marriage act’

Love Jihad exists almost everywhere around you:

In schools, colleges, beauty parlours, societies, some coaching centres. What is more surprising is how Bollywood industry has always glorified terrorists, Jihadis, Love jihad and have tried to portrayed Hindus under a bad light. It is said that an ISI agent, when came across the Hindi cinema (Bollywood) formulated a conspiracy to target a larger audience of Hindu focusing mostly on women to brainwash them and to normalize the idea of Love Jihad and they started utilizing terrorists like Dawood Ibrahim to invest money in Bollywood with the help of a gangster Haji Mastan. Scriptwriters were hired in large numbers, they begin purchasing shares in music companies and chose Muslims as the in charge of all the process, ones who did not cooperate were brutally murdered like they did with Gulshan Kumar. The Hindi cinema then witnessed a change in the movies, the innocence, culture and the bonding of a family that used to be shown has now turned into showing about Allah, Ishq & Mohabbat (Urdu words) simultaneously the growth and rise in popularity of the KHANS among the Hindus especially, Shahrukh, Salman, Amir did not happen in one day. Bollywood came together with several Muslim groups, the kind of crazy among Hindus for Bollywood has been so much that they are brainwashed now neither would they know anything about their religion however they would react ecstatically if you would take Sharukh or Salman’s name in front of them, which is rather absurd.

Some of the interviews of the victims:




In case of any help, please contact the number provided below of Vishva Hindu Parishad:

Your love is Jihad, not love - Ankur Acharya, Love Jihad

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