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Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups


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The Jammu and Kashmir Government have their focus on various sectors to empower and to promote them further such as:

  • Food processing industry
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable energy
  • Handicrafts and handlooms

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

Data from (JKED) Jammu and Kashmir Entrepreneurship Development shows that 69 start-ups have been registered in Jammu and Kashmir under the start-up India scheme and to boost the start-up ecosystem Government of India announced Rs945 crore start-up seed fund scheme (SISFS) which came into function on 1st April 2021 up to 2025. A well-structured start-up ecosystem will not only boost the economy but will also give jobs.

At first while launching the scheme for the industrial development the estimate was to bring in Rs 20,000-25,000 crores however looking at the fervour among the investors the amount might exceed and come round to Rs50,000 crores, under the leadership of PM Modi, Jammu and Kashmir had received development scheme of Rs28,400 crore. Setting up of IT towers, logistics park, medicity-educity and a lot more. Several steps taken to empower the youth as well as for emphasising on women’s development, ‘Tejaswini’ and ‘Hausla’ schemes started by Jammu and Kashmir administration, they will be provided with training and market lineages. Women will be given a huge boost under the start-up scheme.  Target of including 50,000 young girls as well as young boys in the entrepreneurial industry, infrastructure development is also on the agenda. So far 44 digital village centres in Jammu and Kashmir have been inaugurated by Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha.

[one_third]Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -[/one_third][one_third]Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -[/one_third][one_third_last]Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -[/one_third_last]

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

‘’We have taken a big step, inaugurating 44 panchayats and 40 blocks solely dedicated to people as disposition of ‘Digital village centres’ and by manifesting online schemes to widen the reach’’ said Manoj Sinha. Small commercial transports were distributed to 250 youngsters across Jammu and Kashmir (Union Territories) under ‘Mumkin scheme of the youth programme’. Several programs are being run in Jammu and Kashmir for livelihood, skill development and emphases on youth engagement under Mission youth and other entrepreneurial long with self-employment schemes.

The youth in Jammu and Kashmir feels confident now with a transparent and corruption free system equipping a growing development system to showcase their skills and step into the entrepreneurial world by putting down the guns, the youth shall not be lured again.

While launching the programme Hausla to uplift women in the entrepreneurial world, Lt Governor proudly announced of Hausla coining it as ‘’beginning of a new era in the world of entrepreneurship especially for women in Jammu and Kashmir, further adding history is replete consisting of brilliant leaders who were women. There is not a single industry/field be it social, economic or political where women haven’t achieved great success and prestige’’. Manoj Sinha highlighted the importance of the need for women to be empowered and come forward as role models extending them with all the support including market, training, and networking to inspire more and more women locally. The programme Hausla is designed in such a specific manner establishing and creating network for women to explore their businesses. Emphasising on social and economic independence for all women, a new strong eco-system is need of the hour. The intent to focus on women is to revolutionary empower them also seeing the increasing demand for the youth to bring in innovative changes in various sectors such as IT, e-learning, Designing, Fashion, Finance, food processing and much more, with the right kind of learnings and trainings, financial assistance will also boost self-confidence among women to come forward.

  • Hausla: Managing director of JKTPO Ms Ankit Kar stated via ‘Hausla’ programme we aim to effectively construct marketing lineages for entrepreneurs and their products with Flipkart being as a participant. Chief Corporate affairs officer of Flipkart said ‘’ At Flipkart we have locally developed technology & innovation at the core of all that we do. As a home-grown company our consistent and intense engagement with local businesses has given us access to have a better understanding of their challenges along with their needs’’ Flipkart has partnered with JKTPO under its flagship Flipkart Samarth programme powering ambition with locally developed technology. They aim to support women to give them a better infrastructure to grow themselves
  • Initiative for women taken by Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha called ‘Hausla’ to empower entrepreneurs in Jammu and Kashmir. Hausla was launched on 29th June 2021 at SKCC Srinagar. Government of J&K had swiftly taken measures collaborating with (JKTPO) Jammu and Kashmir trade Promotion Organization.
  • What is the initiative about? The initiative will be backed by several key players in the entrepreneurial industry, the programme will be further supported by SME forum, Ni-MSME and Mission Youth Jammu Kashmir.
  • 5 month training programme for entrepreneurs, chalked out by JKTPO partnering with Flipkart for better outreach and market strategy extending their support, Flipkart will further provide time bound incubation support including e-profiling, e-listing of products. Flipkart being an established business along with an overwhelming outreach, they will help the entrepreneurs to market/promote the products also overcoming the burden of financial, legal and other challenges


  • Tejaswini: Launched by Lt. Governor Manoj Sinha in the month of June 2021 which is a funding programme for the youth as well as for all aged of women in Jammu and Kashmir for them to be independent with their own ventures.
  • Larger perspective is to extend financial aid to women between 18 to 35 years
  • Entrepreneurs were asked to prepare their proposals which will be further approved by District level implementation committee. Entrepreneurs will be facilitated with financial assistance under Mudra scheme up to Rs 5 lakh. Mission Youth and Jammu and Kashmir will contribute an amount of Rs50,000 or 10 percent of project cost as subsidy, further Mission Youth will be sponsoring interest part of the loan and the re-payment shall be interest free for the young entrepreneurs
[one_half]Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -[/one_half][one_half_last]Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -[/one_half_last]

For an easy access and awareness an initiative taken by the Jammu and Kashmir government https://www.startupjk.com/


Reports and data suggest that the unemployment rate in Jammu and Kashmir is very low compared to other states like Kerala, Haryana, West Bengal, Goa

Global start-up eco-system ranking

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

Giant leap for Jammu and Kashmir, empowering start-ups -

New up-coming generation of entrepreneurs including men entrepreneurs fighting all odds considering the tensions that go around in Kashmir of unemployment, shutdown of internet which had left alot of working/business people shattered, political instability. There were 483 entrepreneurs registered in J&K in 2016 which has now raised 4 times.

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