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Joaquim Alemao For Notifying RP 2021

Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao promised to fix up an appointment with the Town and Country Planning Department officials to enable the villagers of Cavorim Chandor to check the map of their village before it is notified as part of the Regional Plan 2021.
While asserting that he personally was keen that the Regional Plan 2021 be notified as soon as possible, he however pointed out that certain procedures have to be followed.
However, the villagers appealed that they be allowed to study the planning done for their village to ensure that whatever was discussed and decided at the various ward level meetings and the different village level meetings held to prepare the plan for the village is adhered to.

Reviving Agriculture Top Priority of Chandorkars

Urban Development Minister Joaquim Alemao was bombarded with demands by his constituents when he visited the Village Panchayats of Cavorim-Chandor and Guirdolim to hear public grievances on Sunday and most of the demands pertained to improving paddy cultivation in the two villages.
After listening to the public and giving the necessary instructions to his staff and PWD engineer present, Joaquim complimented the people for their suggestions which he conceded were good ones and promised to see that work on them begins in right earnest.
At the Cavorim Chandor Panchayat, he promised to visit the village again after three months to give the action taken report.

MLA Constitutes Committee To Solve Blasting Issue

As there were conflicting claims over the extraction of black metal with the Communidade claiming that no license has been issued and the perpetrator asserting that he had all the permissions, Joaquim Alemao suggested that a meeting be held with the panchayat members, concerned villagers and the stakeholders being present to thrash out the problem.
The issue came up when Joaquim Alemao was at Cavorim Chandor Village Panchayat to hear people’s grievances.

St. Xavier Feast Celebrated [VIDEO]

{youtube}REEWRi0BOxI{/youtube} Although no longer the Patron saint of Goa, Goans turned up in large numbers at Old Goa on 3rd December to celebrate the feast of St. Francis Xavier the...

Protected Monuments List Increased

The State government has increased the list of protected monuments in Goa from the earlier 51 monuments to over 400 monuments and has included the 18th century Kapileshwari Temple in Ponda and the much photographed Immaculate Conception Church of Panjim in it.
Currently 21 monuments in Goa are listed as heritage monuments by the Archaeological Survey of India while the State Archaeology Department has another 51 monuments.

Filth Driving Away German Tourists

According to Aurobindo A P G Xavier, President of Indo-German Friendship Society, Goa, filth on the beaches in Goa and the fact that it is more expensive that some other destinations, is making German tourists skip Goa.
He said that the website of the Society has received quite a number of articles from Germans who had visited Goa this season complaining about the dirt in the State particularly on the beaches and added that many of them have said that they will not return to Goa for a holiday.
Besides, he said Germans find Thailand cheaper than Goa and hence have opted to change their holiday destination, said Xavier who is based in Germany.

Hippie Route Recreated

The route taken by hippies from Germany who made Anjuna their base way back in the 60 to bring flower power to Goa and put in on international tourists’ map, is being revisited by 50 year old Niels Melves who is travelling along with his wife and two children in a Voxwagen (VW) Bulli, a car-model that was the favourite of the hippies in those days.
Niels has arrived in Goa and plans to lead a symbolic motorcade from Panjim to Anjuna on 8th December as part of the Third German Cultural Week planned in Goa, revealed Aurobindo Xavier of the Indo-German Friendship Society, Goa.

Goa Has No Survey To Determine Tribal Rights

That the State has not undertaken any study to determine the tribal rights was revealed by the Union Minister of State for Tribal Affairs in the Rajya Sabha while replying to a question from Shantaram Naik.
Given this situation, the State Government’s plans to declare wildlife sanctuaries as Critical Wildlife Habitat would spell doom to the tribal population living therein.

Goa Will be Doomed if Mhadei Water Diverted: Expert

Going by the master plan prepared for Goa, the present water available in Mhadei basin that supplies water to the State will not be sufficient to meet the State’s need in 2051 and if the water is diverted, it will spell doom for Goa, opined  Rajendra Kerkar a renowned environmentalist.
He pointed out that as per the materplan, Goa will require 2674 mc water in 2051 while the actual water resources in Mhadei are just 1531 mc.
He accused Karnataka of manipulating the records to give the impression that excess water from Mhadei is going to the Arabian sea and getting wasted, when in reality the river is water deficit.

Muslims Press for Kabrastan

Muslims have now approached the Chief Secretary, Government of Goa to complete the land acquisition process for setting up a burial ground for their community as per a resolution adopted by the Goa Legislative Assembly more than 10 years ago in 1999.
In a memorandum submitted by Abdul Matin Carol of the Sirvodem Masjid, the muslim community has pointed out that the six month period sought by the South Goa Collector G P Naik to complete this process has already lapsed.