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Micky Calls For Ban, Rane Says Not Possible

Ex-Tourism Minister Micky Pacheco on Wednesday tabled a calling attention motion in the House seeking a ban on the Bollywood film Dum Maro Dum slated to have a worldwide release in the last week of April.
He said the movie will project Goa in a bad light as a land of sleaze where drugs and sex abounds, which he said will be believed by the gullible cine goers as a result of which tourism in the State will suffer.
He said Goa is a tourist destination not only for the independent merry makers but also for families particularly amongst the domestic tourists, who he said will be reluctant to visit Goa if it is projected as a place where drugs abound.

Dum Maro Dum gets UA certificate

The Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has cleared the Fox Star Studios produced and Rohan Sippy directed movie ‘Dum Maro Dum’ with a UA certification. Sources at the CBFC have revealed that the movie has got a UA certificate after prerequisite screenings conducted by the representatives of the board and now children above the age of 12 can view the movie and it is cleared for release on April 22, 2011.

Blacklist Companies Supplying Sub-Standard Drugs: Micky

Goa Chronicle.com’s expose on sub-standard drugs being supplied to patients in Goa reverberated in the Goa Legislative Assembly on Tuesday with Micky Pacheco demanding that the government blacklist the companies that supplied these sub-standard drugs.
Speaking on the demands for the Public Health Department, he pointed out that sub-standard iron folic capsules, adversely affected not only the patient but also the foetus. Iron folic capsules are prescribed for pregnant women to provide the additional iron required by them during the pregnancy.

Mapusa Hospital Row To Be Settled Today?

Health Minister Vishwajit Rane agreed to consult Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar and Congress MLA Dayanand Narvekar to finalise the modus operandi for the District Hospital at Mapusa and hoped that the matter can be settled on Wednesday itself.
It may be recalled that both Manohar Parrikar and Dayanand Narvekar have been strongly opposing the proposal to run the Asilo hospital at Mapusa on the PPP module.

Archdiocesan Board Supports English

The Archdiocesan Board of Education that was amongst the first to adopt Konkani as a medium of instruction nearly two decades ago, has now extended its support to the demand for English as a medium of instruction at primary schools.
The board clarified that the demand from parents is that besides regional languages, English medium primary schools should also get government grants and that Konkani or Marathi should be one of the compulsory languages throughout the elementary education.

Raj Thackeray’s PSO Arrested and Released

Maharashtra Nirman Sena chief Raj Thackeray’s personal security officer Police Sub-Inspector Mohan Chalke of Maharashtra Police surrendered before the Ponda police and was released subsequently on a personal bond of Rs 5,000 in connection with the incident at Borim on Monday.
PSI Mohan Chalke had reportedly pulled out his gun and fired it on two different occasions on Monday, once at a driver of a truck and subsequently at the owner of the truck who had stopped their vehicle to find out why the first incident occurred.

Derram From Temples Withdrawn

As Goa is celebrating its golden jubilee of liberation from the Portuguese rule, the Government on Monday announced that temple trusts in the State will be liberated from a tax imposed upon them since 1880 that was continued to be collected for 50 years after the Portuguese had left the soil.
Derram, a tax was imposed upon the Hindu temple trusts by the ersthwhile Portuguese regime. Opposition along with Congress MLA Dayanand Narvekar questioned Revenue Minister Jose Philip D’Souza over this tax and faced with a concerted onslaught, the minister relented to stop the tax.

Agriculture Dept. Functioning Flayed

The Opposition on Tuesday flayed the functioning of the Agriculture Department which is resulting in not only a decline in agricultural production in the State but also increasing Goa’s dependency on other states for its basic requirement.
Deputy Leader of Opposition Francis D’Souza criticized the department for its failure to map the shortage of food grains, vegetables and fruits in Goa and demanded to know how the department could plan without knowing what was required.

Govt For Consultation On Medium Of Instruction

At a meeting of the Congress Legislative Party held at the official residence of the Chief Minister at Altinho on Tuesday, it was decided to consult all the stake holders before deciding upon the demand to provide grants to English medium primary schools.
All Congress legislators with the exception of Dayanand Narvekar attended the meeting, and it was unanimously decided that a decision should not be taken in a hurry as the issue was very sensitive that could lead to communal tension in the State which could affect the party’s fortunes at the general elections due within a year.

Chief Secretary speaks on the US trip

Speaking exclusive to GoaChronicle.com in a telephonic coversation from Delhi, Sanjay Srivastava, Chief Secretary, Goverment of Goa, said that there was one staff of Goa Tourism as part of the entourage, but claimed not to remember his name. However, he said he presumed that the staff was officially part of the entourage.