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Cleanliness is next to Godliness [VIDEO]

{youtube}AI7DpoPT0Lo{/youtube} Mahatma Gandhi’s “cleanliness is next to Godliness” mantra was put into practice today to celebrate Gandhi Jayanti at Margao by Anthony D’Silva from Ambelim who organized an unique programme...

Ex-MP John Flays Navy’s Island Plans

Ex-Rajya Sabha Member John Fernandes flayed the Indian Navy’s proposal to acquire the two islands off Mormugao and said that this was because the Navy considers Goa to be a holiday posting.
John Fernandes who was a member of the Parliamentary Civil Aviation Consultative Committee said that the Navy was seeking to acquire more and more land in Goa in the name of security but actually using it to erect offices and even rest houses to be used by the senior officials of the navy.
If security was the real concern then why is the Navy also not seeking control of the islands off the coast of Malwan, Sindhudurg and Ratnagiri in Maharashtra State, he wondered.

CM Decries but Traffic Cops Support Facebook

Even though Chief Minister Digambar Kamat feels that social networking sites are a nuisance and irritant to the people, the Traffic Cell of Goa police is very happy with the...

Mahanand Says Cops Framed Him

Mahanand Naik who was accused of having murdered 18 girls over a period of 15 years, earning him the nickname ‘dupatta killer’ has charged the police of framing him in these cases.
He spoke to media persons while being led away from the court premises, Mahanand Naik said the police tortured him the lock up to force him to ‘confess’ to the crimes he never committed and further alleged that the police carried bones with them whenever he was taken to different spots for investigations and those bones would be noted to have been picked up from those spots.

The Casino Musclemen Grow Stronger!

Casinos have wiggled their way through various amendments which have been brought about to the Goa Gambling Act 1976. That many local politicians in connivance with large business houses – real estate and hotel players – were looking at making Goa the ‘Mecca’ of Casino in India is also no surprise to any who have over the years seen the evolution of the on-shore and off-shore gaming centers as it is aptly camouflaged, in the state.
Only recently at the Monsoon Assembly, the CM mentioned that the Casino cruises will be pushed out of the Mandovi River. However, as of today, he has retracted his stance on the subject and the Casino’s will continue to be operational on the terms and conditions as before. This sudden change in stance of the CM has certainly come as a surprise but more as a shock to the opposition and general public alike. It has also woken up the villagers that are affected and will be affected because of the Casino business to take a firm stance against the Casino being stationed in the waters near their villages.

Tourism Expected to Boom, But Ills Persist

Even the tourism industry is anticipating an increase in arrivals to Goa this year, the government unfortunately is found sleeping in providing basic necessities that the visitors need in terms of cleanliness and peace and tranquility.

Travel and Tourism Association of Goa has officially stated that the main charter from Sceandinavia has withdrawn from Goa this year because of the garbage and litter found on the beaches. TTAG spokesperson Ralph de Souza pointed out  that this particular charter has withdrawn after continuously bringing tourists for the last eight years.

Reservation for Municipal Elections Manipulated

The manner in which the wards are reserved for the ensuing municipal election has proved the apprehensions expressed by the Bharatiya Janata Party nearly a month ago of they being manipulated to help the ruling dispensations candidates and mar the prospects of opposition candidates.

In Margao for example, Chief Minister Digambar Kamat and Goa Pradesh Congress Committee General Secretary have succeeded in setting the stage to make things easier for their candidates while at the same time ensuring that the Opposition has it tough.

Digambar Kamat who is the Margao MLA, has for the second time ensured that BJP’s Rupesh Mahatme does not get to contest from his ward No. 10 comprising of Malbhat area. While at the last elections it was reserved for women, this time around it is reserved for OBC thereby ensuring that Rupesh Mahatme who is a Brahmin does not contest.

Unique Way of Celebrating Gandhi Jayanti

Keeping in mind Mahatma Gandhi’s “cleanliness is next to Godliness” mantra, Anthony D’Silva from Ambelim held an unique programme in Margao involving students to educate the people about the plastic menace.

Students St. Xavier’s High School, Velim, St. Mary’s High School, Chinchinim, Mount Mary of Angels, Chinchinim, St. Anthony’s High School, Assolna, Regina Martyrum High School, Assolna, St. Rock’s High School, Tolleacanto and Posh, Colmorod Navelim along with representatives of the Village Panchayats of Velim, Assolna, Chinchinim and Dramapur-Sirlim first gathered in front of Grace Church.

Security in Goa [VIDEO]

{youtube}KsGMlC28qcU{/youtube} That the verdict of the High Court in the Ayodhya matter did not give any cause for any untoward incident was indeed a blessing. However, the State administration did...

Taking Care of Your Gall Bladder

Your gall bladder is a bag -like organ which is located below the liver. It is the storehouse of digestive juices that are made by your liver. Gallstones are solid deposits of cholesterol or pigments that form in your gall bladder.

They can be as small as a grain of sand or as large as a golf ball and may be smooth and round or uneven with a number of edges.

You may have just one stone or hundreds of them. If left untreated, gallstones can cause a lot of complications, including ones that can be life-threatening.