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WORLD GOA DAY – 10 not out

The celebration of World Goa Day on 20th August will be ten years old this year. Since its inception 10 years ago, the movement has grown and at present there are around 60 Goan organisations all over the world observing this event.

In fact, the movement has been so successful that this year even the Government of Goa is participating as the Goa Tourism Development Corporation is organising a concert at Campal in collaboration with Heritage Jazz on 20th August. Incidentally, while 20th August is the official date, some Goan organisations have it on a day close to this date due to their personal difficulties.

Identifying Alcohol Induced Dementia

Alcohol dementia refers to an impairment of cognitive ability and personality changes as a result of alcohol misuse or chronic alcohol abuse and is referred to as alcohol-related psychosis or commonly as alcoholic psychosis. The presentation may also be due to Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome which is a consequence of thiamine deficiency as a result of a mal-absorption syndrome associated with long term alcohol use.

A Gastroenteritis Diet

Most cases of gastroenteritis (gastric flu, stomach flu, tummy bug) are due to infectious causes – viral, bacterial or protozoan. It is often self limiting and will resolve spontaneously with no need for treatment although proper oral rehydration is essential for the duration of the infection. The focus on gastroenteritis should be on management and the appropriate nutrition during this period is therefore essential.

Scientists create RBCs

In a major breakthrough a team of scientists led by Prof Marc Turner, Director of the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service in Edinburg, have created human red blood cells containing the oxygen carrying haemoglobin.

According to reports in The Independent, the scientists created the blood by using more than 100 spare embryos left over from treatment at fertility clinics. The embryos were used to establish several embryonic stem cell “lines” and subsequently transformed into blood stem cells before converting into RBCs.

Micky threatens to file PIL over bad roads

Former Tourism Minister Micky Pacheco while reiterating his charge that the roads in his constituency are in a bad shape due to the machinations of PWD Minister Churchill Alemao, demanded a CBI probe into the tendering process of PWD and threatened to file a Public Interest Litigation if the government fails to act on his demand.

Cutbona Land acquisition for what?

For what is the government acquiring 30,000 square metres of land at Cutbona, Velim, Salcete; is the question not only the villagers but many Goans are asking as the purpose...

California gay marriages on hold

Gay marriages in California were put on hold following a ruling from the US Appeals Court which is scheduled to take up the hearings in the second week of December this year.
California banned gay marriages in what is known as Proposition 8 passed in November 2008 triggering strong reaction amongst its supporters as well as opponents.

Opponents wondered how the trend-setting California state could trod on the same path as 40 others States that have banned same sex marriages.

Drug Mafia kidnaps Mayor

Mr. Edelmiro Cavazos, Mayor of Santiago a tourist town near Monterrey city in Mexico, is suspected to have been abducted by the drug mafia.

Gunmen stromed in Cavazos’ residence on Sunday and abducted him. According to Alejandro Garza, Attorney General of Nuevo Leon state, the mayor was not harmed nor hand cuffed or tied as he was led outside his house.

Decks cleared for Sonia’s election as Congress chief

The Congress Working Committee while clearing all decks for electing Sonia Gandhi as the party president at a meeting on Monday, took digs at two of its important allies in the UPA alliance ruling the country.

The two allies targeted are Omar Abdullah, Chief Minister of Jammu & Kashmir which has seen a revival of violence in recent times and Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee who has stormed into the Maoists stronghold holding the banner of peace.

Vedanta diversifies into oil even as mining found illegal

Vedanta Resources diversified into oil business by taking over 60 per cent stake in Cairn India which is owning India’s largest oilfield at Mangala in Rajasthan.
The deal is expected to be completed over a period of three months and Sesa Goa, the leading Goan mine field which was taken over by Vedanta earlier, will have a 20 per cent stake in the new venture.