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Causes of Fever in Infants

A fever in a child (body temperature above 38 degrees Celsius or 100.4 degrees Farenheit), especially in newborn babies, can be a concern for any parent as children often become quite capricious at this time. From a restless sleep to becoming highly irritable and demanding attention, a fever in a child often means a sleepless night for any parent or caregiver. Identifying the cause of the fever is essential as the immature immune system can quickly become overwhelmed with any infectious agent thereby leading to serious complications.
The most common causes of a fever in children include:
•    Infections of the respiratory system, ear, gastrointestinal tract.
•    Teething in babies.
•    After a vaccination.

Plugging the skills gap

There is a great shortage of people with employable skills. But vocational training is neither popular nor seen to be offering good job options. The challenge is to overcome this perception, writes Megha Aggarwal.

Most policy decisions in India invoke the ‘guns and butter’ trade-off – we have limited resources, many conflicting uses for these resources and our policy makers therefore have to make hard choices.

How to choose an MBA

Proper education is the basis of one’s career which further becomes the reason for his living, as it is said the fruits produced by a plant depends on the quality of seeds sowed and the measures taken for its better growth. Education or studies are the basic amenities which help a person achieve his goals and reach the heights of success. These days education of a child sheds a lot of money from the parents’ pocket, starting from the pre- nursery school till the higher education; education and its extra spending actually lay a lot of burden on the parents’ shoulder.
There is no option of not spending the money, especially when it comes to the education of your child. But one must see that the money is spent on the right place with the selection of right institute for education. There are many government schools providing education at low cost, but their quality and standards is below par, therefore everybody wants their children to be a product of one of the top most school in the country.

Now Porn Promotes Goa Unofficially

While rapes, drugs, murders and prostitution finding its way to numerous global media footage and print reels have left a dampening and destructive effect; an old evil – pornography – using the modern medium of information – websites – have started to emerge to hammer a nail on the coffin of Goa’s once clean and safe image.
From blatant websites such as wherein the background to the sleaze is locales in Goa, to a more camouflaged online prostitution such as; the new business model seems to be coupling sex escapades with the sensual and exotic appeal that Goa has both in the domestic and international market.

GOVT./OPP. Stand Off On Drug-Police Nexus

The demand for a CBI probe into the police-drug dealer nexus dominated the just concluded monsoon session of Goa Legislative Assembly where fingers were also pointed to politicians. Goa Chronicle spoke to Leader of Opposition Manohar Parrikar to find out why the CBI probe was required and to Chief Minister Digambar Kamat to understand why the CBI need not be involved.


Why does the Opposition want a CBI probe in this nexus?
By now it has been established that police are involved with drug dealers in Goa as seven police personnel are currently suspended. One cannot expect police to do a thorough job in investigating the links as some of them have served with the Anti Narcotic Cell in the past and must be part of the nexus and therefore would be scared of their role getting exposed.