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Mr Modi:BJP lacks the spine to handle corruption cases against Sonia Gandhi


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I was seething with irritation and was also terribly disappointed, when I heard BJP President JP Nadda mouth an absurdity ‘Sonia Gandhi Must Apologise’ on TV channels after exposing that Sonia Gandhi and Congress siphoned funds from the PM Relief Fund to Rajiv Gandhi Foundation.

Prime Minister Modi, we the people of India did not vote for a weak government that continues to rightfully expose the corruption of the Congress but fails to initiate any legal proceedings against Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the Vadras.

India does not care about Sonia Gandhi’s apology that your party president JP Nadda demanded; India wants BJP to show some spine in investigating the allegations that your party has levelled on Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi and the Congress party.

It is shameful on part of Sonia Gandhi to allow for Rajiv Gandhi Foundation to accept funds from the PM Relief Fund. The PM Relief Fund is money that citizens of our nation donate for the welfare of the nation and the people. It is not meant to be siphoned off to fund a private body.

This is nothing but corruption and it surely falls under the ambit of the Prevention of Corruption Act. This is enough reason to act against the corrupt Gandhis Mr Modi.

My team has filed a petition in the Supreme Court praying for the secret Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Congress and Communist Party of China (CPC) to be made public and demanding for a NIA probe into the relationship between Congress and China.

Sonia Gandhi herself had confirmed about this 2008 Congress-China pact in an interview with the Chinese news agency Xinhua in 2011. 

Congress leader Anand Sharma who was present at the signing of this secret MoU in 2008, took to social media yesterday to confirm that Congress had indeed signed a pact of youth delegation exchanges.

This pact between Congress and CPC, if we go by the contours briefly mentioned by Sonia Gandhi in a written interview to Xinhua in 2011, focuses on India and China – promotion trade, infrastructure building, inclusive growth, employment generation, investment at the national levels, international and regional cooperation on multilateral issues and greater cultural as well as social linkages among the youth of India and China.

A pact focusing on Trade, Infrastructure building and Investment in a party-to-party deal raises serious questions on why Congress and CPC did not have a government to government deal on trade, infrastructure building and investment. Both Congress and CPC opted for a party-to-party deal. This is highly suspicious.

Now we learn that Chinese government and its Embassy in India have made large sums of donations into the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation. 

The Rajiv Gandhi Institute for Contemporary Studies (RGICS)functions as a think-tank. In April 2009, RGICS Fellow Mohammad Saqib carried out a feasibility study, ”India-China: Free Trade Agreement (FTA)” in association with Purnachandra Rao.

The main objective of the study was to gain a better understanding of an FTA between India and China, analyse various trade issues and identify who would stand to gain and lose from such an agreement. The report concluded that China would be the greater beneficiary in all trade dimensions because of the efficiency of its economy.

The study concluded that “There are always losers and gainers in the regional and free trade agreements. India and China can balance the gains and losses through an FTA. Therefore both governments should decide to enter into FTA negotiations. The proposed FTA between India and China will be feasible, desirable and mutually beneficial. An FTA between India and China should also be comprehensive, with a free flow of goods, services, investments and capital.”

In June 2010, another similar study was conducted. RGICS researchers undertook a feasibility study on India-China trade sector ties through a possible FTA.

This built on the earlier work carried out during the 2009-10 period. During the 2010-11 period of the project, the researchers examined trade trends between India and China in order to identify cooperative measures by promoting trade and investment liberalisation facilities, better understand FTAs and forecast future prospects.

The study found China to be more fully integrated into the world economy as a major economic powerhouse than India, in large part because of the comparative advantage of labour surplus. But the study also proposed that an FTA would help bilateral economic relations, and that the free flow of goods, services, investments and capital would in fact benefit India’s trade sector more than China’s.

Leading to the moot question whether it was India who benefitted or China from the Free Trade Agreement. Trade was the primary focus of the 2008 pact between Congress and China.

Now these are facts known to the BJP, because your spokespersons raised the issue of corruption of the Congress. So it should not be a surprise to you Mr Modi.

This is what surprises me – why is BJP only exposing the corruption but not taking any legal action against the questionable corruption of the Gandhis and Vadras.

More importantly why has BJP not initiated a probe into the serious issue of National Security involving Congress and Communist Party of China.

Some in the BJP tell me that you do not want to make the Gandhis the ‘Victims’. They are not victims. They are criminals.

Some in the BJP supporter network tell me it is compulsion politics. It cannot understand the compulsion in failing to initiate a probe into corrupt criminal and anti-nation acts. Are politicians exempted from criminal acts of corruption and other gross violations of National Security?

Some in the BJP tell me it is a BJP strategy to discredit Sonia Gandhi and Congress. It is a good strategy to expose the Congress when in Opposition. When in ruling if the government cannot act on its own exposure of corruption, people will loose faith in the government and sympathy could shift to Gandhis and Congress.

Here is my humble view. Congress and China relationship was never in the interest of India or our people. It cannot be forgiven. This is treason. This is about selling the interests of our motherland. If you do not act. It will come back to haunt the BJP and people will not have faith in your mission or vision.

The RGF must be also investigated because tax-payers money being siphoned off from PM Relief Fund and other PSUs cannot be used to fund travel jaunts to Bangkok of Rahul Gandhi or wining-dining Chinese delegates working against India.

I am a friend Mr Modi.

I may not have the political prowess of most of your advisors, as I am a simple political analyst in but I care about India more than any party or agenda.

So trust me when I say this, “Take legal action against the Gandhis and other politicians that work against the interest of India. People voted for your government with this hope. People will continue to vote if you act against the corruption of the Gandhis and Vadras that your own government exposes. This is not about politics, it is about India.Let not people say that BJP does not have the spine to handle corruption cases against Sonia Gandhi.”

Jai Hind!






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