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Mr Nadda, Sonia Gandhi will never apologise to India!


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I was shocked beyond my wits when the President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) JP Nadda after exposing a corruption case of the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and its different layers of questionable acts, demanded an apology from the Congress President Sonia Gandhi. 

I was further zapped out, when JP Nadda followed up this strange behaviour and statement with another press conference in which he asked Sonia Gandhi ten questions about RGF; those ten questions were being asked by some media channels even before his press conference.

It is nearing a week since that statement, demanding for an apology from Sonia Gandhi. And I have since been asking JP Nadda on Twitter on whether Sonia Gandhi has apologised or answered the 10-questions he raised. 

The most question I will continue to persist on is whether BJP will act against the corrupt Sonia Gandhi and Congress.

Strangely but not unexpectedly, JP Nadda has not yet answered my simple questions. All I want to know is whether Sonia Gandhi has answered his questions and apologised to the people of India.

Let me be honest,  I was very disappointed with JP Nadda’s ‘Demand for Apology for Sonia Gandhi’ statement.

You do not demand an apology from Sonia Gandhi because she will not bother to give JP Nadda or anyone in BJP an apology for her actions or that of her family. She does not care about BJP. She would not respond to a demand of Prime Minister Modi. That is intrinsically the nature of Sonia Gandhi. She thinks India is her fiefdom. 

Sonia Gandhi lives under the illusion that she controls India. It is this illusion that allows her to believe that even if she has a son with zero competence or aptitude to become the Prime Minister or the President of Congress; she will still try her level best to make him one. 

Of course in Congress she can do that; because most of the Congress workers have no mind of their own or courage to fight against this most obvious grave violation of democratic practices and sheer nepotism. Still, that does not bother me, because that to me is a Congress problem. Rahul Gandhi will never become Prime Minister of India because the people of India will never make him one.

So when the President of the ruling party in India on a widely televised press conference makes the most crucial error of asking someone as corrupt and vicious a politician as Sonia Gandhi for an apology, he unintentionally degrades the firm standing of the BJP party and unintentionally insult many Indians who have been working tirelessly to end the reign of Nehru-progeny in India.

People of India do not want an apology for Sonia Gandhi, we want her and her corrupt family, corrupt members of the Congress in jail.

If our country needs to have a bright future, then India must be #GandhiMuktBharat.

Sonia Gandhi is a political snake. Her fear will continue even if you extract all the venom from her fangs. Her fear will only end, if we politically chop the head of the snake throw legal means. 

I raised the issue in my earlier article to the Prime Minister Modi. I had understandably, some BJP supporters, who started to lecture me on the problem of an ecosystem. 

Even BJP national spokesperson, Sambit Patra when asked a simple question, ‘when will BJP take legal action against the Gandhis’, told me to ‘shut up’ during a national TV debate, shockingly this exposed the simple truth that BJP does not want to take a simple questions. I felt sad for Sambit. I wanted to hug him and comfort him like a poor child. I wanted the hug to clear him off his misconceptions that just because he is a BJP spokesperson, does not mean that journalists like me, who stand for India and support Prime Minister Modi, will not ask the simple but tough questions.

Sambit continued to mourn post the debate to people about rightwing not fighting in public, even though on TV he states I do not believe in right wing and left wing.

I am not a rightwing or leftwing. I am on the wings of India. I do my job for India. I just want to see a Better India. 

People of India know that there is a corrupt ecosystem. We were fed up with the Congress and Corruption, that is sole the reason people supported Narendra Modi and BJP. 

I am a friend and I have openly supported the good initiatives of Prime Minister Modi. And I will continue to support but I will also point out the mistakes. If people in BJP do not like, then I am afraid I cannot do much about that.

Coming back to the ecosystem excuse that I have been getting from some of the BJP supporters. Fear rules an ecosystem. If the ecosystem still exists, then people do not fear the BJP, they fear Sonia Gandhi.

The mere fact that you asked for an apology is an indication that you know that the fear of Sonia Gandhi is real and still exists.

I love Chanakya. I have learned a lot from reading his books. So I will share what I learned from Chankaya:

There is story about a snake and a hermit. One day this snake , went to sage and asked him , to forgive all his sins of life. Sage advised the snake not to harm the villagers. So snake started his penance by not biting any people. Soon , people understood that snake had become sadhu. They started violating him , taunting him and abusing him. After long time , there was this day, when snake is almost dying due to abuse of the people, miraculously the Sage appears again. Snake asked him  why he is in that state, in spite of his change. Sage replied “I asked you to stop harming the people , never once asked you not to defend yourself by hissing”.

‘Even if a snake is not poisonous, it should pretend to be venomous.’ 

That is exactly what Sonia Gandhi does. And you asking for an apology statement from her proved it.

Jai Hind!

P.S. I will continue to ask you on Twitter whether Sonia Gandhi has apologised and when we will BJP take action till such time as I will get an answer to my questions. It is my job – India Wants To Know.

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