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Road traffic accidents in Goa. Go slow


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Are the roads of Goa dangerous? Or, are the drivers and two wheeler riders  careless? The debate rages on. Hardly a day goes without news of a fatal RTA in which someone lost his / her life on the spot.

What a pathetic way to die! Everything is in the hands of a rider. The control. The balance. The speed limit. The navigation. The sight of an incoming vehicle. But there is something that triggers malfunctioning of all the senses. As a result, the unlucky rider ends up losing his / her life.

In September 2022 there were 235 RTAs as per data shared by Ashish Shirodkar DySP Traffic Cell. So far as many as 27 fatalities due to RTAs have taken place in the current calendar year.

Today a 47-years-old bike rider from Bagwada, Khandepar breathed his last on the spot after getting crushed under the wheels of a speeding truck at Amigos Junction, Curti. This accident on the weekend has sent shockwaves across Goa.

Goa Traffic Police is doing all it can to avert the disaster. There are fines for over speeding. There are awareness campaigns to make Goa’s road safe and accident free.  However, bike riders continue to lose their precious lives at the altar of RTA. Every bike rider must take these five precautions to avoid accident that may prove fatal.

  1. Never enter No Entry zones. The drivers of heavy foods vehicles or four wheelers may not anticipate a two wheeler from the opposite direction. It may get too late before they apply brakes.
  2. Never try to overtake speeding four wheelers especially heavy goods vehicles. One sudden turn can throw the bike rider off balance culminating in a fatal accident.
  3. Avoid talking on phones or listening to music in both traffic and deserted roads. Our mind cannot get into fight or flight mode when it is already busy with one task. Before we realise that a vehicle has suddenly appeared before us or there is a big hole on the road while multi tasking, our reflexes react slowly and thereby, chances of a fatal accident increase.
  4. Never take eyes off the road ahead. Concentrate. Focus. Anything can happen anytime. Be prepared for any eventuality while riding a two wheeler.
  5. Always ensure to wear a helmet. Avoid riding bike without a helmet on.

Remember our safety is in our hands. Our family members are waiting for us back home. Do we want to light up smile on the face of our dear and near ones? Or, do we want to end up as a mere statistics in the police records reporting fatalities due to RTA? The choice is ours. It is our life. The safety of our life is in our hands.

Ride slow. Life will grow longer. Make Goa’s road safer. Someone special is waiting back home. Have a happy ride.

Irfan Gheta
Irfan Gheta
The writer loves to comment on the current affairs


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