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Land-grabbers, beware now


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Goa PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral – under the guidance of CM Dr Pramod Sawant – is determined to put a full stop on fraudulent land grabbing practices that have recently come to light in Goa.

PWD Minister Nilesh Cabral has thought of an out-of-box solution to check-mate the land grabbing malpractices. The land owners can add their phone number and email address to the land records owned by them. The details will remain with his department. If and when the department finds any suspicious activities going on with Goemkar’s land, an email and SMS alert will go to the land owner whose land is under threat of illegal or fraudulent transfer at the hands of vested interests. The landowner will become alert. And, he / she will be able to take steps to safeguard their land from the land sharks.

Minister Nilesh Cabral who also holds the law portfolio in CM Dr Pramod Sawant-led cabinet aims to achieve this with the help of a software that will equip his department to link phone numbers and email addresses of land owners or their legal heirs.

In the recent past when cases of illegal land grabbing that came to light rocked Goa, CM Dr Pramod Sawant wasted no time in forming a Special Investigation Team (SIT) to get to the bottom of these cases.

Now his cabinet minister Nilesh Cabral has proposed to get an exclusive software developed that will maintain all the records including phone numbers and email addresses. The entire system will work towards preventing land grabbing using fraudulent means. Nilesh Cabral deserves kudos for placing his faith in the time-tested adage, “Prevention is better than cure”.

Having said this, it is a noble intention. It shows seriousness on the part of government to firmly deal with the menace of illegal land grabbing that seemed to be in fashion across Goa. CM Dr Pramod Sawant and his cabinet colleagues seem determined to make Goa safe. This preventive method will go a long way in restoring people’s confidence. It is a sign that the incumbent government has its ears on the ground. And, it is not only listening to people’s woes but also working towards long term solutions.

Irfan Gheta
Irfan Gheta
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