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China must be declared a rogue nation in the global community


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I want you to rewind back your life to the start of 2020.

Remember your aspirations for the New Year. Remember the plans you put in place for your loved ones. Remember all the dreams you had in store and were eager to accomplish them.

Today all that seems like wishful thinking because we are now living in a world whose very existence has been caged. And for what reason – because of one nation – China – who wanted to global dominion.

If today our dreams have been shattered and we have lost our loved ones and our friends, then it is because one nation – China – who chose to unleash its Wuhan Virus on the world.

China had no business meddling in experiments and research in bio-sciences of a dangerous nature. 

More importantly if for some reason the novel coronavirus did leak from the Wuhan lab, then the least China could have done would have been to inform other nations to take appropriate precautions.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is a puppet of China. It has allowed China to get away with this crime. It is a crime of gigantic proportion.

The WHO is a useless organisation. It is not there to prevent any pandemic, it is there to assist in finding a cure and making sure pharmaceutical companies that fund its activities benefit from selling a cure rather than preventing a pandemic. We have seen enough of the workings of WHO over the years to know its aptitude and attitude.

I have heard enough of the diplomacy of the WHO in their global media briefings and at most times their answers are a deflection of the truth. The entire purpose of the WHO is to tell the world that they are working in the interest of the people of the world. This is a big lie.

The World Health Organisation does not have the interest of the people of the world. It has their own interest and interest of the nations and pharmaceuticals companies that fund their fancy offices and fancy jobs.

It is time to make WHO redundant.

WHO has completely covered up the nefarious activities of China very subtly but if you see closely you can see the traces of fingerprints.

China aims to be a global superpower. In its greed and viciousness it has even sacrificed its own people in Wuhan.

A data leak from the Chinese Military University indicated that there could have been over 640,000 positive COVID-19 cases during the time of the pandemic. But the official figures reported by China were only over 84,000.

If China never spared its own people. There is no doubt that it will not shed a tear for people of other nations.

The Wuhan Virus is the reason for millions of people are around the world are caged to their homes with their bank balances depleting.

The Wuhan Virus is the reason for millions of people around the world who will now face recession and many will be without jobs.

The Wuhan Virus is the reason for millions of people being infected around the world that have been reported and even more infected with COVID-19 that we do not know about.

The Wuhan Virus is the reason for the death of over 353000 death around the world.

The Wuhan Virus has disrupted our normal lives and plunged the world into a new world order. An order that will make us more robots than humans. 

An order that will teach us to be afraid of human touch.

An order in which your doctor will treat dressed up in a space suit because of fear of contracting the virus.

An order that takes everything human about us and make us slaves of decisions taken by world leaders and their idea of dealing with different crisis health or economic.

An order that will bring out a vaccine for COVID-19. Ensure we pay a heavy price to be saved from the effects of the coronavirus and then it will nudge us to wait for the next pandemic.

We are only experiencing the effects of the health crisis. It is the economic crisis that we need to brace ourselves for because that is going to be even more devastating.

People will be without jobs, people will be without food.

People will be desperate and despondent.

The governments around the world must plan keeping the economic meltdown in mind and its impact on the lives of every citizen.

China has played a very dangerous game with humanity. China does not deserve mercy. It must be ostracised and penalised for the havoc it has unleashed on the world.

The world must boycott China and its companies.

We must make China pay through economic depression. We must ban their products and send their companies packing home from our nations.

We must completely isolate China.

The Wuhan Virus is China’s weapon of mass destruction. When Iraq invaded Kuwait and it was believed to have weapons of mass destruction. The world isolated and ostracised Iraq. We must do to China what US did to Iraq now.

I urge the leaders of the world isolate and ostracise China. It must be made a pariah in global politics.

China has brought the world to a brink of restlessness and desperation only because of its greed for global dominion. 

The world leaders cannot remain silent. The blood of the innocent who died cry out and the trauma of the millions living cry out for justice.

I only pray when the frustration reaches its peak, the good people of China, do not face the wrath of the anger of the people of the world for the sins of few corrupt, evil and ruthless politicians.

And if the people of China have to suffer because of the decision of the world, I would feel sad and I can only say in the words of the Director-General of WHO, Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, “We stand with you in solidarity at this moment.”


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