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Is Delhi police detaining wrestlers a ‘murder of democracy’?


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Today, which is Sunday, 28th May, has been etched into the history of contemporary India, being a day full of glories and pride for the country when we got our new Parliament complex, and learnt the historical importance of the Sengol sceptre, which was otherwise reduced to a ‘golden walking stick’ by the ‘liberal’ historians of the country. But at the same time, some elements of the society could not help but create a blot on a beautiful day, which could have been much better without their ruckus.

Yes, I am talking about the ‘protesting’ wrestlers, who, out of all the other days, chose this very day to organize a ‘Mahila Mahapanchayat’, that too inside the newly inaugurated Parliament complex. And while they initiated their ‘march’ to the Parliament building, the Delhi police detained the protestors. Now, a new social media toolkit has been activated wherein the ‘plight’ of the wrestlers is being highlighted, especially on a day when the new temple of democracy was inaugurated, where on the other hand, the ‘murder of democracy’ was being committed by detaining the wrestlers.

It is noteworthy at this point that the Delhi police were doing nothing but their duty, as they could definitely not let such a huge crowd of people inside the Parliament complex when its inauguration was going on, for security concerns, of course. Especially when the so-called farmer leader, Rakesh Tikait too, was all set to be a part of the ‘Mahapanchayat’, which could have led to a higher level of ruckus in the national capital, as everyone is aware of what the capital had to witness on Republic Day, 2021, because of the nefarious activities of Tikait and his fake farmers, who were Khalistani terrorists and nothing else.

And while the wrestlers continue to bring in the same old rhetoric of this being a ‘peaceful’ march, the police and forces would not have had to literally pick them up and put them in police vehicles, if they would have cooperated with them, showing their ‘peaceful’ approach on ground, for real. Also, as visuals going viral show, all the screaming and shrieking from Vinesh Phogat did not quite help her case. On top of this, the visuals clearly show how ‘peaceful’ the wrestlers were being, when they were literally wrestling with the police personnel and forced them to forcefully pick them up and detain them.

Another valid question which is being raised by the netizens is that when the viral videos clearly show how the wrestlers had to be brought in control by innumerable personnel at once, and the former were clearly overpowering them, how is it plausible that these very same people were assaulted by a 65-year-old minister and they could not do a thing?

The fact remains, when the country was celebrating such an amazing feat, the wrestlers could have simply let this day be, that too when their matter has already been closed by the Supreme Court of the country, their FIR has been registered, and security has been provided to them. The question which arises is what exactly are they now protesting against, even when they could not produce single evidence against Brij Bhushan Sharan Singh, and could not give a single colossal statement against the accused, and could not even produce a single real assault-victim till now?

It seems as if this was done intentionally to gain clout and support from impressionable minds so that their hidden agenda can be carried on without fail, and to paint the Delhi police as the villains of it all, once again, like what had happened during the fake farmers’ protest. In the meantime, Aandolan jeevi Rakesh Tikait, talking to the press, has said, “Yes, I know the tents have been removed (with reference to the Delhi police removing the tent-like settlements the wrestlers had made all inside the Jantar Mantar)”.

Further, being brazen to the core, Tikait states, “They (the government) are asking for treatment, I will go back to the village and give them the right treatment. We will beat these people up (Inki sutaai karenge)”. Even after such statements and actions, the so-called protestors want the countrymen to believe that they are helpless and the right action is not being taken! If these protestors are so truthful, what is stopping them from undergoing a polygraph test, along with Brijbhushan Sharan Singh, as he has proposed? Rather than browbeating around with all that ‘sutaai karenge’, ‘2024 mein jawaab milega’, and shrieking and kicking in front of the police force, why don’t the wrestlers simply produce the proof which is needed to rest their case?

Sonakshi Datta
Sonakshi Datta
Journalist who wants to cover the truth which others look the other way from.

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