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The anarchists on the loose in America to trouble Trump


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The brutal and inhuman action of the police against George Floyd was wrong. And people of America must fight for justice over the police brutality meted out to an American – irrespective of his colour.

The mass rioting across 25 states in America, the looting of stores and the burning of buses and buildings is not a fight for justice for George Floyd, it is an act of anarchy against the nation.

No one fighting for justice will go and violate the very law that they are fighting to defend – human rights.

The rioting, destructing of public property and looting of stores is also a violation of the human rights of the people of America. 

When protests turn to riots. Then it is not a fight for justice. Then it is war on the nation. And in a war, the government in place must take stern action against violators who destroy public property, violate the rights of other citizens and put the nation under chaos.

America is a facing these riots because its President Donald Trump has decided to challenge the existing world order and walk towards creating a new world order.

Enemies of America and enemies of Donald Trump need a national chaos to show the people of America the incompetency of its current President. 

The rising number of COVID-19 cases in America and the death of over 1,00,000 coupled with the lockdown and a poor economic outlook has provided a trigger for anarchists to paint its doomsday picture to the people of America.

The riots are not about police brutality. The arson is not about human rights violation. The looting is certainly not about justice. This is not even about racism. It is a plan to destabilise the US government under Donald Trump, cause tensions amongst American citizens and show the people of America that the Trump administration is not capable to run the American government and works in the interest of the people of America.

The focus will be to show the failure of the Trump administration to contain the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, failure to stop the rioting and arson across America; and failure to resuscitate the US economy.

Donald Trump over the last week has taken some tough decision with regards to China and the World Health Organisation.

He has terminated US relationship with the World Health Organisation after warning the WHO in a scathing letter to its Director General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus. 

Donald Trump is also supportive of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) which the WHO has now dropped from its global study of COVID-19 treatments after a study published by The Lancet. 

The stand of Donald Trump on HCQ has not gone down well with the pharmaceutical lobby and Gates Foundation backing the WHO and China. 

Trump has even suspended the visas into US of Chinese graduated students who are suspected to be spies working to acquire confidential knowledge of US trade and academic research for the country’s military and industrial development.

Trump also issued an Executive Order on Preventing Online Censorship after Twitter fact-checked two of his tweets.

Trump also has decided along with UK to expand the G-7 nation to D-10 to jointly create a New World Order in geo-politics and trade.

So I am not surprised at the sudden chaos in America. The focus is to rattle Donald Trump and pave way for a leader from the Democrats to lead America post the US Presidential elections.

If Chelsea Clinton can put out a tweet in support of the WHO and condescension of Trump’s decision on the termination of US-relationship with the WHO and representatives of the WHO retweet and like her tweet. Then there is a large game at play against Donald Trump.

If people of America and other global human rights protectors would like me to believe that US in currently under chaos because people are fighting for justice for George Floyd. I would have to consider this to be the joke of the year after the one Dr Tedros made on China being transparent about the coronavirus pandemic.

Anarchists can create chaos for sometime but the Americans will see through the lies at the end of it and people will rally behind Donald Trump. He is a patriot and a strong nationalist. He always puts America first.

The rioters and arsonists must be dealt with sternly and mercilessly. US government must hunt the down the planners of this anarchy because it will see some more trouble in the weeks to come. Therefore it needs to nip this brewing anarchy in the bud.

The enemies of Donald Trump and America are restless. They need Trump to toe their line. But Trump is never going to do it.

There are many qualities of Trump that I personally dislike but if he stand for the betterment of America and the world post the coronavirus pandemic is the reason for the planned chaos across America than I support him in the New World Order.

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