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The sexual torture of Jayaraj and Bennix is a shame on policing in India


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Imagine this!  

Your only crime is that you kept your store open beyond the curfew time. You were arrested by the police. 

You were sexually tortured by the police. Sodomised by the Lathis through your anus by the police. 

You die a miserable and painful death. And in your dying moments your are thinking about the failure of humanity, the failure of justice and what did you do wrong in life.

That is the simple synopsis of the brutal and horrific crime committed of Jayaraj and Bennix. 

I fail to understand whether humanity in the police officers who brutalised the father and son took a holiday that day or it just did not exist in them.

I fail to understand the sexual perversion that went through the minds of the police, who thought it was normal to drive police lathis repeatedly through the anus of the father and son duo. To beat them so cruelly and beastly that their frontal and rear body parts were completely destroyed according the statement of a family member who saw their bodies.

This is not only sick but this a deviant nature that needs to be condemned. 

No police in India or any part of the world has the right to act in such a demonic manner with another human being irrespective of what the crime is. In the case of Jayaraj and Bennix, their alleged crime was keeping the store open beyond the COVID-19 curfew time. 

I am shocked that any human can have such an evil streak to commit such a horrible crime of power. That to – police officers. They are suppose to be our protectors not tormentors.

The brutal torture and custodial death of Jayaraj and Bennix is nothing but a crime of power. Power we citizens put in the hands of the police officers. Power over governments put in the hands of the police officers. Power our laws put in the hands of the police officers.

Sometimes that power goes to the head of the police officers and instead of becoming upholders and protectors of the law, they act above the law and become a law unto themselves.

There is no forgiveness for such is crime. There is no excuse of mental strain due to COVID-19 that some people are trying to propagate for committing such a gruesome inhumane act.

The acts of the police officers in Tuticorin are a shame to the entire police force of Tamil Nadu. It is a shame on the entire policing system of India. It is a shame for every Indian.

India should be very angry about what happened to Jayaraj and Bennix. India must fight for justice for Jayaraj and Bennix. 

The police committed this horrific crime because they believed they could get away with the crime. They believed their seniors will protect them. Their government supporters will protect them. After all Jayaraj and Bennix were just simple common citizens and the police had their power.

The police used their power to pressurise the government hospital to issue a fitness certificate even after Jayaraj and Bennix were brutalised. This is the power of corruption. This is the power of the police to cover-up the crime. Unfortunately that power given to police is to serve the people and not sodomise them.

India cannot keep silent to this crime. India must stand up and fight for this crime.

The policemen must face strictest punishment under the laws of India. They cannot be allowed to walk free. They will commit such crimes of inhumanity again. More so other police officers will be embolden to commit more such horrific crimes is justice is not served in this cases.

The other policeman of Tamil Nadu cannot remain silent over this inhumane act of their fellow police officers. They must condemn it. I wonder whether the soul of every single police officer in that police station was dead. I wonder whether they shut their ears to screams and cried of Jayaraj and Bennix. We they also so inhumane in their nature.

I wonder what compelled the doctors are the government hospital to issue a fitness certificate, even though Jayaraj and Bennix were brutalised and bleeding from the rectum. They too must be arrested for covering-up this gruesome crime.

This is a shame on Indian police all over. This is shame on India. We must condemn it.

When the protectors of our civil rights turn out to be violators of our civil rights then we are living in a dangerous society. 

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