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Senior officer should visit field, review progress of schemes: Yogi


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Lucknow: Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on Wednesday said that all of the government’s public welfare initiatives are intended to satisfy the needs of the common man and advance the state and all the officers and personnel associated with the administration should understand this.

While reviewing the departmental functioning with all the Additional Chief Secretaries and Principal Secretaries regarding disposal of the public complaints, Yogi emphasised on merit-based swift resolution of people’s problems and redressal of their grievances.

He said that the Integrated Grievance Redressal System (IGRS and CM Helpline) is a very useful medium for the easy redressal of complaints and problems of common people. “Be it the senior officers posted in the government or the officers appointed in the field, it is the responsibility of everyone to ensure that the applications received on IGRS are disposed of on a priority basis. No laxity, negligence or delay will be accepted in this,” he said.

The CM said that the government has adopted a zero tolerance policy against crime and criminals. “Be it the applications received in IGRS or the complainants that reach the CM Helpline or police station, tehsil or development block, all should be heard,” he said.

He said, “Understand the emotional state of the aggrieved and distressed person, respect his or her sentiment and deal with it with utmost sensitivity. The satisfaction of the complainant and his feedback will be the benchmark for the performance of the officers. Officers from the administration to the development section should ensure that the problems of the common people are solved by giving top priority to public hearings and conducting them in mission mode.”

Yogi said that the government is continuously monitoring the actions being taken at the police station, tehsil and district level regarding the applications received on IGRS and CM helpline. “Thana Diwas and Tehsil Diwas should be made more effective. Make sure that the complaints are resolved before the next Thana Diwas and Tehsil Diwas. Publicise widely these public hearing dates as well as the officer’s name who will be present. There shouldn’t be any pending cases in the cases that are brought here,” he said.

He said that when it comes to the IGRS or CM helpline, sensitive departments have done a good job. “Others should take inspiration from such departments, District Magistrates, Superintendents of Police, police stations and tehsils. Districts, police stations and tehsils that are not performing satisfactorily need to improve their functioning. The officers posted in the field of the department who have direct contact with the public must fix at least one hour every day for public hearings,” he directed.

The CM said that all ACS and Principal Secretaries must visit the field. “Visit all the divisions within the next two months. Review the public welfare schemes of your department during the field visit. Get the pending complaints resolved immediately on the basis of merit. Fix accountability where it goes wrong. After the visit, submit your report with the CM’s Office,” he said.

He said that the outsourcing personnel deployed in various projects have done excellent work. “It should be ensured that all the personnel get their honorarium on time and in full. In any case, there should not be economic or mental exploitation of even a single employee,” he said.

Yogi said that ensure proper and timely utilisation of the funds allocated to the departments in the 2022-2023 financial budget. “Every ACS and Principal Secretary should review his departmental plans and get the funds allocated in time. The budget provided for the department should be utilised to the maximum,” he said.

He said the ACS and Principal Secretary himself should also communicate to or contact the Union Ministries regarding the grant and contribution received from the central government. “Before the end of the current financial budget, proper expenditure of the funds provided in the current budget should be ensured by all the departments. Expenditure should also be reviewed at the department level,” he said.

The CM said that there is an e-office system for files in the secretariat. “This should also be implemented in all the Head of Department and Director offices. Physical files should be used only when absolutely necessary. There is a need to make the e-office more effective,” he said.

He said that the state government has declared its new transfer policy for officers. “This policy should be strictly followed. All the ACS and Principal Secretaries, communicating with their departmental ministers, should issue transfer orders according to the policy. Keep in mind that there should be no shortage of manpower in aspirational districts,” he said.

Yogi said that the interstate and international border areas serve as our brand ambassadors. “High-quality medical facilities and educational institutions need to be developed in these areas. We will also have to make better efforts regarding industrialisation in the border areas. Tele-consultation service should be expanded to remote villages of the state,” he directed.

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