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India has become immune to the White Sahib’s virus ‘BBC’


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I have always considered the ‘White Sahib’ to be the epitome of condescension. By the ‘White Sahib’, I mean the colonizers. In their eyes, Indians will always be second-class citizens, even though the ‘White Sahib’ might sometimes act patronizing to India, Indians, and our social or political causes.

In my growing up years when I started to understand the hate we Indians faced at the hand of British and Portuguese imperialism, I often referred to the ‘White Sahib’ as a ‘White Pig’. And now I make it a habit to refer to them as ‘White Pigs’ especially those with a colonial mindset. And while it might not be the right thing to do, let us not forget that we were treated worse than dogs by these imperialists. The nature of the pig is to live in a pig sty and make the surroundings around him as shitty as the sty but yet in its false pride the white pig prances around like a prince.

Indians because of their simplicity and naivety in the past and even now in the present seem to suffer from an inferiority complex when it comes to the opinion of the ‘White Sahib’. We have time and again sought acknowledgment, recognition, or a pat on the back from governments or institutions, or media controlled by the ‘White Sahib’.

The ‘White Sahib’ is not interested in the interests of the people of India, they are only interested in the economies of scale that India offers due to its population and because the people of India are easy to manipulate socially or politically. The ‘White Sahib’ for decades has been striking at India at the penury of its hearts with communal and caste division game plans. And, we Indians, continue to be played around like puppets on a string.

The recent two-part release of a documentary by BBC on Prime Minister Narendra Modi is one such act of condescension and deliberate attempt to create a communal divide in India, tarnish the image of India’s Prime Minister, and portray India as a Hindu bigoted nation unleashing untold atrocities on the Muslim minorities in India.

The BBC in its defense expressed that it was committed to highlighting important issues from around the world and the documentary series examines the “tensions between India’s Hindu majority and Muslim minority and explores the politics of India’s PM Narendra Modi in relation to those tensions”.

I belong to a minority community, though I was never brought up by my parents to live as a minority in my own motherland. But, it is horribly true that many in the minority communities in India prefer to look at themselves as minorities because it gives them leverage over the majority of Hindus to plan a victim. The Muslims in India with a communal bent of mind have perfected the art of victimhood. The Christian minority when compared to the Muslim populace in India is a meager 2 percent of India’s total population. Some in this community too have perfected the art of crying wolf and portraying themselves as lost sheep.

More importantly, has the ‘White Sahib’ taken a look at its own backyard and the plight of the minorities; the Jewish population, according to UK government data is reportedly 410,000. The Muslim population is 25,16,000 and 816, 633 Hindus that live in the country. Of the total 5637 religious hate crimes in the United Kingdom, 1288 hate crimes were against the Jews living in the UK. 2703 religious crimes were recorded against Muslims. The hate crime against Hindus in 2020 was 166 cases and against Sikhs 112 cases.

The ‘White Sahib’ knows that the Islamic colonial hangover or the Christian colonial hangover persists, therefore, it only needs to stoke the fire of communal strife in order for it to blow up into a political and social conflict of warring proportions.

For India to be divided because a divided India is a weak India, the ‘White Sahib’ needs to vehemently oppose the idea of a ‘Modi’s India’ and ‘Modi’ himself. The ‘White Sahib’ has read well the importance and impact of a political leader like Narendra Modi that rose from the depths of the struggles of a common man to connect with the common man and woman that form the core backbone of India’s existence socially.

Two prime ministerial terms of India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi have stirred the quintessential vigor into the blood veins of Indians to rise up as One People, One Nation. India is marching on with a determined stride to compete with the rest of the world and even make its mark. In fact, India’s economy has surpassed the economies of our former colonizers both Britain and Portugal. More importantly, though not taking away the Britishness in UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, today the UK is governed by a man of Indian descent at the helm of affairs. Even Antonia Costa, Portugal’s Prime Minister has his roots in Goa, India. His family in Goa proudly calls him by his nickname ‘Babush’. The US vice-president Kamala Harris to has Indian roots.

Indians in India and Indians outside of India are positioning themselves in commanding and dominating positions politically, socially, and in business. The ‘White Sahib’ lives under the assumption that it brought ‘democracy’ to India, so it can use its ‘democracy’ to cripple India’s soaring wings. The ‘White Sahib’ cannot adapt to a resurgent India and they act patronizing to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his ministers but they have their daggers safely hidden under their cloaks waiting patiently for the opportunity to thrust the dagger into India and create communal chaos.

Narendra Modi’s idea of India scares the ‘White Sahib’. It is a mirror that exposes the ‘White Sahib’ incompetencies in business, politics, and social efforts. A united India is a progressing India and a progressing India is its own boss and not a slave of the ‘White Sahib’. Indians not being slaves to the ideologies of the ‘White Sahib’ is what rattles the ‘White Sahib’.

Narendra Modi’s idea of an India shawled in Hindutva and Sanatan Dharma scares the ‘White Sahib’. Colonizers did not only plunder our economic wealth but also unleashed an unprecedented genocide on our cultural ethnicity. Even today, when our movies win at Golden Globes, our filmmakers and actors whom we a proud off, start speaking in a heavy ‘White Sahib’ accent when it is not their normal accent just to please the ‘White Sahib’. The irony is that the movie is based on valiant Indians who fought and resisted the tyranny of the ‘White Sahib’.

I am not a racist but to me, the ‘White Sahib’ is not someone that can be trusted even today. That however does not mean that all ‘White Sahibs’ are bad. But for the ‘White Sahib’ to think that because of their color and thrifty nature, they have an edge over us Indians, then they need to wake up and sip a cup of ‘Chai’ and realize that India is only going to rise under Narendra Modi’s leadership.

India has become immune to the ‘White Sahib’s’ virus BBC or Washington Post or New York Times. As Prime Minister Modi expressed in the interview, “Britishers cannot teach us about human rights”. I wholeheartedly concur with this view of PM Modi, human rights violators cannot teach us human rights.



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